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An arrest for a drunk driving means you could face criminal charges. Contact an Arlington DUI lawyer for help as soon as possible. You have the right to an attorney and you should ask for a lawyer before you are questioned or arraigned so you will have an advocate advising you about your rights and legal options. Here is information on other criminal defense services we offer.

How an Arlington DUI Lawyer Can Help

An arrest for DUI does not always mean conviction, even if blood alcohol tests or drug tests allegedly show narcotics or a BAC above the limit.

There are possible defenses to drunk driving and a number of ways to introduce reasonable doubt about the evidence a prosecutor presents.  An Arlington DUI lawyer can help you decide what legal arguments to make and can make those arguments on your behalf to a jury.

A prosecutor must convince a jury of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and your Arlington DUI lawyer can help you raise questions about the evidence handling procedures or accuracy of test administration.

Evidence obtained against you can sometimes be suppressed if your Fourth Amendment rights were violated. An Arlington DUI lawyer can help you argue that the traffic stop or administration of a BAC or drug test was illegal because there was no reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing.  Suppression of evidence can lead to dropped charges, or a not guilty verdict if the prosecutor does not have enough proof of guilt.

Because every DUI case is different, you should think about getting legal help as soon as possible so your attorney can tailor your defense to the circumstances of your case.

DUI Laws in Arlington

Operating any vehicle while impaired is illegal under Virginia Code Section 18.2-266. A blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent permits an inference of guilt of impairment but is not necessary evidence of impairment. A prosecutor may use other evidence to show a defendant with a BAC below the limit has still violated the law.

If a prosecutor proves guilt in a DUI case, penalties are affected by a prior criminal record for DUI. While a conviction for a first offense can lead to imprisonment for up to one year and a fine of $2500 plus ASAP classes, a 3rd offense DUI is a felony with mandatory jail time.

An elevated BAC can also make penalties worse. A defendant with no prior record and who has a BAC of .15 to .20 could face a minimum jail term of five days for a first DUI, while a BAC above .20 could lead to minimum jail time of 10 days.

Someone who is under the legal drinking age and charged with a DUI can also face serious repercussions for driving under the influence.

Getting Help from an Arlington DUI Lawyer

To successfully respond to drunk driving charges may require an understanding of the science behind field sobriety tests, blood tests, breath tests, or other types of chemical tests.  Your attorney also needs to know the local laws and the rules of the court system and be prepared to help present the strongest case possible under the circumstances.

Contact an Arlington DUI lawyer for help as soon as you are charged so you can get a knowledgeable local attorney on your side to fight for you.

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