Virginia Domestic Violence Penalties

There are certain things that attach to somebody that was charged with domestic violence. One of those things is a protective order, which can actually kick somebody out of their home. It can cause problems with the ability to carry weapons. It can cause problems with work. If you are facing domestic violence penalties in Virginia and want a better understanding of what this can mean for your future, contact a distinguished domestic violence lawyer to be by your side.

Consequences of Domestic Violence Convictions

Long-term consequences of a domestic violence conviction in Virginia would be things like jail time. Domestic violence penalties would be things like prison time. The long-term domestic violence penalties in Virginia could certainly be an immediate long-term two-year protective order that could continue to last and be renewed every two years.

Domestic violence penalties could be situations that prevent somebody from obtaining certain types of employment later on in life. Some types of domestic violence penalties cause people to be unable to continue living in certain areas or continue receiving certain types of federal aid. Certainly, there are always immigration consequences as well for domestic violence.

Potential Penalties

The penalties associated with domestic violence in Virginia vary. Domestic violence penalties can be anything from a misdemeanor offense, which is going to be up to 12 months in jail or up to a fine of $2,500, or even through a felony offense, which would carry prison time and certainly much higher fines.

There could also be Virginia domestic violence penalties like protective orders. A civil protective order is just a protective order. A violation of a civil protective order is a criminal offense. The exact same conditions apply. There could be domestic violence penalties like anger management that somebody could be ordered to complete as part of probation. These are all things that can stem from domestic violence charges and that is why it is important to have some type of attorney there from the onset to help protect against domestic violence penalties.

Enhanced Penalties

By “enhanced penalties,” people mean aggravating circumstances that cause somebody to be charged with something different. That is going to change depending on what a person’s history of charges is and also the facts about the case if they can be proved against the person. For example, a violation of a protective order in the state of Virginia is a criminal offense that is going to carry with it the misdemeanor penalties, so up to 12 months in jail and up to a $2,500 fine.

The problem with that is, from there, it can get aggravated or enhanced, if other domestic violence penalties in Virginia apply. For example, if a person is convicted of a violation of protective order and then they are convicted of a second offense of violating a protective order within five years of the first conviction and for the same protective order, it is a mandatory minimum time of 60 days.

That would not be an enhancement of domestic violence penalties as an additional fact. A second protective order within five is a different charge. A violation of a protective order where it is a third offense or a third or subsequent offense of the same protective order within 20 years of the first conviction is going to be a felony. The charge itself is going to change depending on the circumstances, the criminal history, and what is going to be happening.

Contacting an Attorney

Somebody charged with domestic violence should contact Virginia domestic violence lawyers immediately because one of the things that they will need in almost an instant is protection from the various repercussions for a defendant in a domestic violence charge.

An individual could continue to have to pay for things like rent and utilities even though they do not have access to them. An individual could lose access to their car as a domestic violence penalty. Certainly, the consequences of being charged with domestic violence, just at the onset of the charge, are severe. Additional Virginia domestic violence penalties include, experience big problems with bonds for people who are charged with domestic violence. Contacting an attorney right away to help manage these collateral situations is something that can always help and certainly should be done as soon as possible.

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