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In Alexandria, as in other parts of Virginia, fraud is a general term that usually defines all sorts of charges and separate crimes. With that said, generally speaking when someone is deceiving another person or a business entity for personal gain it is considered to be fraud. If you are facing fraud charges, consulting with an Alexandria fraud lawyer can help you determine the nature of the charges and the appropriate defense against them.

Elements of Fraud

The elements of fraud depend on the type of fraud someone is charged with. For example, if someone is charged with fraud by way of credit card theft, that would be an offense that would have certain elements to it—such as knowingly taking possession of another person’s credit card with the intent to use it and without consent. That would be credit card theft, which is a type of fraud. The specific type of fraud that someone is charged with will determine what the offense elements will be.

What are Other Examples of Fraud?

One example of fraud in Virginia would be using a badge without the consent of the badge holder. Something as simple as using an organization’s button, badge, or emblem, without the consent of that organization, can be considered fraud. Other examples that warrant contact with an Alexandria fraud lawyer include: forging documents and credit card fraud.


The penalties for fraud depend on the type of fraud that somebody is charged with. For example, if someone is charged with misdemeanor fraud, that could be punished by anything from a $250 fine for the lowest type of misdemeanor, up to 12 months in jail and up to a $2,500 fine for a Class 1 misdemeanor, which is the most serious type of misdemeanor. If someone is charged with a fraud that is a felony, it is extremely serious. A felony fraud conviction could entail anything up to years in prison or worse, depending on the nature of the fraud.

When Might Fraud Charges Be More Severe?

The penalties for fraud can be more severe where there is some type of serious victim impact involved in the crime. If the fraud is considered a sophisticated offense, involving a very large sum of money, or effecting a large number of victims, that will entail more severe penalties as well. An Alexandria lawyer can help try to limit the severity of potential fraud penalties a defendant may face.

Benefit of An Alexandria Fraud Attorney

A fraud lawyer in Alexandria can help somebody charged with fraud by building the best possible defense and advocating for that person. A fraud attorney is able to help find out information about the elements of the offense, but also to help proactively attack the information that is presented.

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