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If you are attending a college or university and have been charged with a crime in Fairfax County, a student defense lawyer can assist you through your legal proceedings. Whether the charge is in connection to a felony or to a misdemeanor, the Fairfax County team of defense lawyers are here to review your case and litigate on your behalf. They understand that these cases can add difficulty and added stress to you and your family. The dedicated attorneys proudly serve student populations in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Fairfax County Crime Statistics

There are three types of crimes as classified by the Fairfax County Police Department: Crimes Against Property, Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Society, with Crimes Against Property being the most common.

Crimes Against Property, as defined by the Virginia Code, can include:

According to the Fairfax County Police Department’s 2016 Annual Report, as referenced above, common crimes in Fairfax County include:

Graffiti Painter, Hipster, Adolescent

These crimes can lead to serious consequences that can affect a student’s future and education. A seasoned Fairfax student defense lawyer is here to begin building a strong defense case.

Driving Citations in Fairfax County

Driving citations are fairly common in the state of Virginia. The most commonly issued citations, also known as tickets, in Fairfax County are:

Failure to pay full time and attention can mean a variety of things in Fairfax County, Virginia. The team of attorneys knows the distinct differences between citations and can assist in navigating the courtroom when disputing driving citations.

According to the General District Court of Fairfax County, “a driver may enter a written appearance, waiver of court hearing, plea of guilty, and prepay fines and costs” for many driving-related offenses. A Fairfax County student defense attorney can help a person whether they have been arrested for a DUI or given a speeding ticket.

Living On Campus and Federal Aid

The student defense attorneys in Fairfax County acknowledge that the adjustment to higher education can be difficult. Campus living can be a new experience. George Mason University has a very helpful list of what to expect if a person is stopped by a police officer on their website.

Students, if convicted of certain crimes, can lose their federal student aid, or their eligibility will become limited to options such as Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) and/or Federal Work Study (FSW).

Girls, Campus, Cute, Campus, Campus

How a Fairfax County Student Defense Attorney Can Help

If you are facing charges that will cost you federal student aid, it is important you consult a Fairfax County student defense attorney. The cost of higher education is expensive, and federal aid allows students in this nation to pay for continually rising tuition bills.

Call today to consult a professional, dedicated lawyer in Fairfax County proudly serving Virginia student communities.

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