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An Arlington criminal lawyer is your advocate when you are charged with a crime.  It is frightening when the police show up at your door, whether they are there to interrogate you, execute a search warrant, or arrest you.

You have the right to an attorney and should demand to talk to one immediately so you can avoid missteps when dealing with the police that could cost you in the future. Your attorney can be there to represent you and advise you every step of the way to ensure your rights are protected and to help you fight conviction or argue for limited penalties.

Benefits of Working with an Experienced Attorney

An Arlington criminal lawyer can help you to decide how to respond to charges and can either help to negotiate a plea deal or fight to avoid conviction. You can sometimes get charges dropped, or you can win a not guilty verdict by introducing doubt or raising affirmative defenses.

Because our attorneys have a great deal of experience practicing law in the local court system, they understand what it takes to mount a successful defense in Arlington.  By calling our firm and explaining the charges filed against you, we’ll be able to determine how our lawyers may be able to make a difference in your legal case.

Criminal Law in Arlington

In the state of Virginia, you can be convicted of a crime and sentenced to jail time or other penalties any time a prosecutor can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you violated the laws of the Commonwealth. This is why it is very important to get in contact with a lawyer as soon as you can.

Each crime has a specific definition and different elements of the offense that a prosecutor must prove. If a prosecutor cannot prove any element of the offense, you should not be found guilty. Although this basic principle applies to many scenarios, an Arlington criminal lawyer has the experience to understand how things like “intent” and “reasonable doubt” may apply to your case.  Below, you’ll find some of the most common charges our attorneys assist clients within the Arlington court system.

Types of Criminal Charges in Arlington

A full list of offenses in Virginia can be found in Virginia Code Title 18.2. Our attorneys have experience defending clients accused of:


Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) is a serious charge in Virginia, and it can have some pretty harsh consequences if you are convicted, including license suspension and even prison time for repeat offenses.  However, an Arlington criminal lawyer with local knowledge understands how to dispute unreliable breath tests and other blood alcohol content (BAC) tests, as well as how to determine when a DUI stop was carried out without cause.

This sort of knowledge and the ability to execute such defense strategies effectively is what sets an experienced attorney apart.  Call our offices today to learn more.

Reckless Driving

Unlike in some neighboring states, reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Simply driving a few miles per hour over the speed limit on some roads can result in a charge that carries the potential for a criminal record, high fines, and even jail time.  Because our lawyers have defended so many clients accused of this crime, our legal team knows how often certain driving behaviors are exaggerated to pursue a higher charge and how frequently police use incorrectly-calibrated speed measuring devices.

Give us a call if you’re facing a reckless driving charge and want a trustworthy advocate to defend you in court.  With an experienced Arlington criminal lawyer on the case, you may be able to reduce or completely dismiss your reckless driving charges.


Assault is a very broad term for any action that puts another person in fear of harm.  Due to the highly interpretive nature of what constitutes assault in any specific situation, a savvy criminal lawyer is a great asset to have.  Assault-related cases include domestic violence and robbery. An Arlington criminal defense attorney who knows assault cases may be able to use the facts of your case to establish reasonable doubt, which, in turn, can lead to reduced penalties and even complete acquittal.

There are no guarantees, but by consulting with a knowledgeable legal resource who understands the way assault cases work, you may improve your chances of success.


In Virginia, theft is separated into misdemeanor and felony offenses using the terms “petit (or ‘petty’) larceny” and “grand larceny.”  Whether you are facing a first-time shoplifting charge or a complicated fraud allegation, our law firm has the resources to defend you.  There are many ways to defend against theft charges, but the most common are to argue that no person was deprived of property or services, or that anything that was taken from someone was taken without the intent to deprive.

If you’re interested in exploring how these and other theft defenses may apply to your case, you can call our law firm and explain your situation to a member of our friendly legal team.  This initial consultation is free and requires no commitment.

Drug Charges

In an age when drug decriminalization and legalization are becoming more popular, it’s important to know the drug laws in a given state.  Virginia, for example, still makes it illegal for any person without a medical prescription to possess marijuana.  When you’re facing drug charges, contact an Arlington criminal lawyer who understands how controlled substances are classified and how you may be able to defend yourself against drug allegations involving “possession” and “intent to distribute.”

Other Criminal Charges

  • Failure to Appear
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Others

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An Arlington criminal lawyer can help you to determine what specific offenses you have been charged with, what a prosecutor must prove to convict you, and what penalties you will face if convicted. Call our firm today to learn more about our approach to criminal defense and conduct your free consultation.

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