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chantilly-criminal-lawyerCriminal law encompasses a broad range of offenses, and if you have been charged with a criminal act, it can be a daunting experience. Fortunately, a professional Chantilly criminal lawyer may be able to help you get your charges reduced or dismissed depending on the nature of your case.

The criminal justice system prosecutes individuals charged with illegal crimes. During trials, the court will punish defendants if they are found guilty. Individuals who are convicted of such crimes will face a wide range of penalties, including fines, imprisonment, and post-release supervision. If you are currently facing criminal laws, contact a skilled defense attorney now to begin your defense.


Misdemeanors are criminal offenses that do not carry the most extreme legal penalties. Misdemeanors, unlike more serious types of crime, are usually punishable by fine or a brief period of incarceration. Petty misdemeanors result in a sentence of fewer than six months in jail and a fine of less than $500.

On the other hand, gross misdemeanors result in longer prison sentences and greater fines than petty misdemeanors, but they are not as serious as felonies. Individuals who are incarcerated for a misdemeanor will usually spend time in a county jail as opposed to a federal prison in most jurisdictions. Despite the fact they result in relatively short jail sentences, individuals should contact a skilled Chantilly criminal lawyer if they are charged with a misdemeanor in order to avoid the stigmas associated with receiving a criminal record.


Felonies are the most serious type of crimes in the United States, and convicted individuals will face long prison sentences and high fines. Many may be monitored after they are released from prison, and will be followed by a criminal record for the rest of their life. First-time offenders can expect lighter sentences than career criminals, and those with extensive criminal records will face harsher penalties.

When evaluating the severity of the alleged crime, the court will examine the conditions under which it was committed and the intent of the alleged perpetrator. Individuals who have been charged with felonies should immediately call a Chantilly criminal lawyer for legal assistance.

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The Role of a Prosecutor

After an individual is arrested for a crime, the police must draft a report and send it to the office of the state prosecutor. The police report will provide details about the date and location of the crime, as well as any statements made by witnesses. Depending on the details in the police report, the prosecutor can decide to:

  • File a complaint with a trial court
  • Choose not to prosecute the matter
  • Go before a grand jury, and let them decide what criminal charges should be brought forth

Once the grand jury decides what charges and individual should face, the defendant and prosecutor will go before a judge. If the prosecutor can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed a crime and the defendant is found guilty, the judge will decide what type of punishment they will face. Without a knowledgeable Chantilly criminal lawyer, defendants will be left to fend for themselves in court.

If you are currently facing criminal charges, you will need an experienced lawyer to help you defend your rights in court and possibly have your charges reduced or dismissed. Contact a Chantilly criminal lawyer today to discuss your situation.


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