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It seems like there are so many drugs available and everyone is indulging these days. No matter how glamorous celebrities may cause drugs to appear, there is still the dark side of addiction, crime, punishment and overdose. Because of these factors, the police take controlled substance offenses very seriously and forcefully search out anyone they suspect of involvement. The government punishes different types and amounts of drug possession differently, which could play a huge role in any case.

If the police suspect you of some role in a drug-related offense, you may wish to enlist some help quickly. Substance offenses may be felonies which can involve heavy penalties and jail time.

A Chantilly drug lawyer may be invaluable in helping you understand your rights and the journey ahead of you. You may need an aggressive advocate in your corner that may be able to work with you to build a strong line of defense against any charges the prosecutor might bring. En Español.

Drug-Related Offenses

The drug-related offenses can be harsh and result in long jail penalties and felony charges. The law divides types of drugs into different schedules. The law punishes different schedules of controlled substances with different levels of severity. Some offenses include:

  • Transportation of a controlled substance into the state,
  • Possession of a controlled substance,
  • Possession of marijuana,
  • Distribution of a controlled substance,
  • Distribution of a controlled substance to a minor,
  • Attempt to violate a drug-related law,
  • Conspiracy to violate a drug-related law.

Even though the government has classified marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, it is treated differently from other schedule 1 substances.

Transporting Drugs

The Code of Virginia § 18.2-248.01 states that if a person brings one ounce of a schedule 1 drug, such as cocaine, or five ounces of marijuana into the state with the intention to sell those drugs, the government can put that person in jail for five to forty years and fine that person up to one million dollars.

Drug Possession

Depending on the type of drug, the government can bring charges ranging from a Class 4 misdemeanor up to a Class 5 felony. Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription or other legal reason is a crime according to § 18.2-250. If the police catch someone with marijuana, the court may punish a first offense with thirty days in jail and $500 fine, according to § 18.2-250.1.

Drug Distribution to Minors

Section 18.2-255 states it is a crime to distribute drugs to minors at least three years younger. The court can punish someone with ten to fifty years in jail and fine that person up to $100,000.

The Drug Charge Process

If the police have accused you of some drug-related offense, you may be eligible for more lenient treatment if it is your first offense. If you go to trial, the prosecutor will need to prove:

  • You possessed the substance,
  • You intended to possess and knew what you possessed,
  • You had some intention to sell or distribute (if applicable),
  • How much you possessed,
  • What you possessed.

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Drug charges can affect your life. If the police have accused you, you need to know exactly what the police are accusing you of and what the potential penalties are. You do not want to leave yourself exposed to risk. A knowledgeable, local attorney may be able to aid you in understanding the process and what your rights are. Call a Chantilly drug lawyer to discuss the matter and set your mind at ease.

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