Prince William County Robbery Penalties 

Robbery is taking over the property of another by the use of threat or force. It is theft but it has that additional heightened element of the threat of force or the use of force against somebody. If you have been charged with a robbery offense, you should speak with a capable robbery lawyer. A skilled attorney could mitigate the Prince William County robbery penalties you face, and advocate for you.

Elements of Robbery

The elements of the crime of robbery are the taking of property from another, by force threat, or intimidation. For example, there could be a deadly weapon that someone used and that would be a heightened element that would allow for the charge of robbery. It is a situation where people take another person’s property and use the additional element of force or intimidation to take the property. In order to prove that somebody is guilty of robbery in Prince William County, the prosecutor has to prove that that person took something from someone else by force, threat, or intimidation.

The Severity of Robbery Charges

Robbery is a felony offense, which means is that it is very, very serious if someone is convicted of this, and it is going to include some type of mandatory prison time, not jail time in the local jail, but some type of prison time if someone is convicted of robbery. Due to the severity of a robbery charge, a person who is charged with robbery in Prince William County should look for an attorney that not only has experience with robbery charges but who also is able to put on an aggressive defense, and who is able to have a good understanding of the law.

Difference Between Robbery Theft

Robbery and theft differ in Prince William County due to the threat of force or the use of force element. There is a heightened element in robbery cases in Prince William County, and a simple theft is not going to have this heightened element of the threat of forced or actual force being used during the commission of this act.

Robbery is the more severe crime in pretty much every situation due to the heightened element of the threat of force or the use of force. Robbery is going to carry more of a sentence and there is going to be more risk of the mandatory minimum than there would be for somebody simply charged with theft.

Consequences of a Robbery Offense

Prince William County robbery penalties usually include some type of prison sentence. The length of the sentence is going to depend on many things: the factors surrounding the case, the criminal history of the client, whether or not the victim was injured, and to what extent they were injured as well. A person charged with robbery could face up to life in prison depending on the factors in their case.

A person would want to hire an attorney who has a great amount of experience defending clients who have been charged with robbery because robbery is a very specific and detailed charge. There are a lot of things that the prosecutors have to prove and there are a lot of elements that the evidence has to support to find details concerning the alleged robbery.  It is important to have somebody who understands the charge of robbery and who is able to accurately combat the things that the prosecutor brings up in order to manage a good robbery defense.

Value of a Prince William County Robbery Attorney

You should consider hiring a local criminal lawyer when charged with robbery because every jurisdiction is going to be unique in how they treat this type of offense.Certainly, knowledge of what the local judges and the local prosecutors will tend to do with the case and what the community will do will give you a really distinct advantage if you are going forward to trial in Prince William County. Work with a qualified robbery lawyer that could help you mitigate the Prince William County robbery penalties that you face.

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