Fairfax Assault Arrests

Fairfax assault arrests can lead to serious penalties and long-term consequences. Convictions for assault can also impact an individual’s personal and professional life. If you have been arrested for assault in Fairfax, reach out to a dedicated lawyer today. A seasoned assault attorney could advocate for you and help you understand your rights.

Assault Investigations

The manner in which assault and battery investigation are conducted in Fairfax depends on the type of case. It is usually done in a situation that is a gang fight, gang assault and battery, malicious wounding, or similar events. Another type of assault is a type of sexual assault and battery. For a sexual assault, there will be a long-term investigation while authorities collect DNA and try to get evidence for the purpose of linking the defendant with the accuser.

In assault cases where the people involved are familiar with each other, it is rare that an investigation is prolonged. More often than not, there will simply be a quick couple of questions and then an arrest.

The Aftermath of an Assault and Battery Arrest

Depending on the specific type of assault, a couple of different things may occur following an arrest. If it is a misdemeanor offense in which the accused person has no criminal record, the magistrate most likely will let the defendant out on some type of bond or personal recognizance. If the person has a record or it is a more serious offense, which could include a felony or there are related aggravating circumstances, the individual will probably be held without bond and their attorney will have to put on a bond motion. Aggravating factors could include the accuser being a teacher or if the other person suffered a serious wounding.

At the defendant’s arraignment, the judge will ask them whether they have the money to hire their own attorney or they need an attorney appointed, for which the magistrate will offer them the opportunity to do that. The individual’s court dates will then be set. If it is a felony charge, the preliminary hearing date will be set in which the prosecution has to present just enough evidence to go forward with a probable cause finding. If it is a misdemeanor offense, the trial date will be set.

When to Contact a Defense Attorney For Assault

Following an assault arrest in Fairfax, the individual should get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible.

A person should contact an attorney as soon as they are able to if they are facing assault arrests in Fairfax. If they know they are going to be arrested and the incident already has occurred, they should contact an attorney. If the individual has already been arrested, as soon as they have reasonable access to a phone, they should contact a lawyer or ask a family member to call an attorney so that the lawyer could put on a bond motion. After a lawyer is contacted, they could then begin building a defense for the accused.

Call a Lawyer Following Fairfax Assault Arrests

An attorney could help with Farifax assault arrest and other proceeding crminal cases.  If an officer is questioning someone and they ask for an attorney, the police have to stop questioning them. It is helpful to have an attorney because it provides an individual a level of protection against self-incrimination that they do not have otherwise. An attorney could also start seeking evidence and building a defense, potentially the difference winning the case and not.

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