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Unlawful wounding charges may arise in situations when emotions are running high and things get out of hand, leading to more serious injuries than anyone intended. Injuring another person could be considered a serious offense in any state. In Virginia, unlawful wounding is defined as a Class 6 felony that requires proving beyond a reasonable doubt that somebody caused injury to another in an unlawful manner. It may be considered more serious than an assault charge.

A Fairfax unlawful wounding lawyer may be able to further explain the repercussions of pending charges and help defend your reputation. Contact an experienced assault attorney as soon as possible that could begin working on your case.

Potential Penalties of Unlawful Wounding

The penalties for unlawful wounding in Fairfax could include up to five years in prison. Probation may be likely for any felony conviction, including unlawful wounding. An unlawful wounding case may initially be heard in the general district court for the preliminary hearing stage.

After the preliminary hearing, the case may be sent to the grand jury. An individual could be indicted if the grand jury finds probable cause that the defendant committed the alleged unlawful wounding. At that point, the trial may be heard in the Fairfax circuit court.

Proof Needed by the Prosecution

In order to in order to gain an unlawful wounding conviction, the prosecution may need to prove that the alleged offense was committed beyond a reasonable doubt. To prove such a case, prosecutors may use physical evidence of the injury including medical records, photos, or videos of the injuries.

They may present this at court to demonstrate the nature of the injury and how it might have occurred. Prosecutors may also rely on the statements to the law enforcement officers that responded to the scene or investigated the case. Prosecutors could rely on the testimony of the following:

  • Complaining witness
  • Plaintiff
  • Other eyewitnesses
  • Law enforcement officers

A skilled unlawful wounding attorney Fairfax could possibly help to combat these testimonies and develop a strong defense.

Proving Intent

To prove intent, prosecutors may use the circumstantial evidence of the facts surrounding the event. It could even be the defendant’s own statements either prior to the conduct that led to the accusation or after. It could also be an observation of the complaining witness or other eyewitnesses that demonstrate intent beyond a reasonable doubt. A skilled Fairfax unlawful wounding lawyer could warn the defendant of these methods and provide suitable legal counsel in the event of an accusation.

Contacting a Fairfax Unlawful Wounding Attorney

The first three things somebody could do when they are charged with this kind of assault are to remain calm, remain compliant with the officer during the course of the investigation, and contact a Fairfax unlawful wounding lawyer as soon as possible that could help assist in the defense of this charge. Fairfax assault lawyers could help you with your case by representing and helping them avoid a felony conviction. Contact a cunning attorney today that could get started on your case.

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