Chantilly Armed Robbery Penalties

Armed robbery is treated similarly to simple robbery charges. However, Chantilly armed robbery penalties can be aggravated or more severe than simple theft offense penalties. It may be imperative to speak with a skilled armed robbery attorney about planning a defense.

What are the Consequences of an Armed Robbery Offense?

The consequences of armed robbery in Chantilly could be separate charges. If someone is armed, but it is not a firearm, it is robbery if it is part of force, threat, intimidation, or violence. A person might have added time to the time they are facing, depending on the particulars of the case because they had a weapon, but it is not charged differently. The harshest of potential Chantilly armed robbery penalties someone might face would be life in prison.

If someone has a gun or a firearm, they are charged with two crimes. They are charged with robbery and with possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. The consequence for robbery is a mandatory minimum of five years in jail up to life and the consequence for possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony is a mandatory minimum of three years.

Conviction Requirements for the Prosecution’s Case

It is a prosecutor’s job to persuade the court of Chantilly armed robbery penalties. What a prosecutor should prove for a person to be charged with armed robbery in Chantilly depends on how the case is judged. For a robbery charge, they have to prove that it was an intentional taking of somebody’s personal property from that person or in their presence with the intent to permanently deprive and with force, threat, violence, or intimidation.

If there is possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, the prosecutor would have to prove that the individual knowingly used, attempted to use, or displayed a firearm in a threatening manner. For the firearm, they would have to prove that it was one of the specific firearms designated by the statute. Something that has an appearance of a firearm is fine for the purposes of the statute.

Likelihood of Taking a Plea Deal

A criminal lawyer might encourage a person charged with armed robbery to take a plea deal if it is a situation where the evidence is strong against them. A plea deal might be a good idea when there is no way to win at trial and the client is being offered a lesser charge, which could carry less time and give the client a chance to live their life after the criminal case. A criminal lawyer may also support a plea deal in a situation with a particularly bad robbery where somebody was injured or the facts are egregious and a jury trial would be a bad idea.

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