Vienna Traffic Offenses

Vienna traffic offenses are any offenses that have to do with driving on the road, so any offense that occurs while somebody is in a car or while somebody is in a vehicle navigating the streets of Vienna.A person might be subjected to having points added to their license when they are convicted of certain traffic infractions and traffic-related misdemeanors or felonies in Virginia. If an individual has been charged with a traffic offense, they should consult a qualified traffic lawyer. A capable attorney could devote the time and resources necessary to achieve a positive outcome for an individual.

Traffic Point System

The point system as it relates to traffic law is actually a system that is completely controlled by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The Virginia Department for Motor Vehicles keeps a record of everybody’s driving offenses and driving behavior. What they do is when somebody is convicted of certain Vienna traffic offenses that are laid out by the Department of Motor Vehicles, depending on the offense, the person will get assigned points to their license. These points will accrue and they will be negative points.
Somebody starts with a zero point value, and then depending on what the charges are that they are convicted of, they could continue becoming negative. Once they reach a certain level, their license is suspended by the DMV or they are placed on probation with the DMV, and then their license could be suspended later on.

Certainly, the point level is important for the purposes of having a valid license, but it also really plays a role in how much somebody’s insurance is going to cost. The better point value you have on your license, the better your insurance cost is going to be; the more infractions or charges that you get that carry points with them, the higher your insurance premiums are going to be.

Steps to Take if Someone is Concerned About Points

If somebody is concerned about having points on their record, they should absolutely contact an attorney even if it is just a minor traffic infraction, because often, attorneys can take a creative approach to convince the prosecutor to change the charge to something else. Even where a person was clearly in the wrong or the evidence is just clearly against that person, a good attorney might be able to convince the prosecutor to change the charge to something that does not carry any points with it under the Virginia DMV rule. In that type of situation, somebody would still be guilty of a traffic infraction and perhaps they will have to pay a fine as well but they would not get any points on their DMV record.

Challenging License Suspension

If a person’s license is suspended and they are charged with driving under a suspended license, they can go about challenging this in many different ways. The best way to challenge a license suspension is something called the notice requirement, so if they never received a notice that their license was suspended, and that is something that their attorneys can prove, then that notice is definitely contested in Virginia court. There is a very specific legal definition, but if somebody can prove that there was no notice, then they certainly cannot be convicted of driving under suspended license.

Similarly, there is a new case law where someone had a statutory suspension of their license, but then that time period ran and they simply forgot to go ahead and renew their license. There is definitely a way to defend that in court, as well, according to a new Virginia case law.

Consulting a Vienna Traffic Attorney

If you face Vienna traffic offenses, you should hire an attorney because it is one of those situations where any points on your license may cost you a lot of money in the long run with your insurance—perhaps over many years, perhaps a high fine.The maximum fine is usually what is automatically applied if you do not fight these traffic infraction cases. A capable attorney could attempt to challenge the charge and fight for you.

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