Mecklenburg County Student Defense Lawyer

Student defense is a legal practice similar to criminal defense practice, and yet it encompasses much more. Based on a single incident, a student may face criminal charges in Mecklenburg Circuit Court and also face disciplinary charges at school involving vastly different procedures and penalties. The right student defense lawyer may know how to create the best defensive strategies for both environments.

If you or a student in your family is in trouble, whether or not charges have already been filed, it may be wise to consult a Mecklenburg County student defense lawyer. A well-practiced attorney could provide advice on how to work toward the best possible outcome in your particular situation.

Common Situations Where a Student May Need an Attorney

Students are human, but they are typically viewed as humans with limited experience in the world and who may have a need to explore, experiment, and test boundaries. Students may be granted more lenient treatment in some situations if it could be demonstrated that they have owned up to their mistakes and have learned from the process.

While there is no typical student defense situation, some offenses that students are frequently charged with include:

Whether the charge involves a serious criminal offense or a violation of a school’s honor code, the consequences of a finding of guilt may have long-reaching effects. A student defense lawyer in Mecklenburg County could make every effort to defend against the charges and make certain the student’s side of the story is heard.

Disciplinary Hearings Do Not Offer the Same Procedural Protections as Virginia Courts

While a student facing a disciplinary hearing for an alleged violation of school policy may not necessarily face the same consequences as a student facing criminal charges, neither may they receive the same procedural protections. Students may not be warned that their words or actions might be used against them by an educational tribunal, yet often that is exactly what happens.

The presumption of innocence that prevails in the criminal court system is often entirely lacking in other proceedings. The burden may be on students to prove that they are innocent of the charges levied against them.

A student brought up in a disciplinary hearing may not face the possibility of incarceration, but there are other consequences that have negative effects that last far into the future. School charges may lead to a loss of current scholarships and future scholarship potential. Since a black mark on a student’s record can affect future job prospects, academic opportunities and much more, it may be advisable for a student facing allegations in school to contact a Mecklenburg County student defense lawyer.

How a Mecklenburg County Student Defense Attorney Could Help

if a criminal violation is involved, it may be wise to seek legal counsel as quickly as possible. A dedicated and skilled defense attorney might be able to help ensure that available evidence is located, preserved and presented and that all procedural arguments are raised to create the best possible defensive strategy.

In an academic setting, a student defense lawyer could persuade a tribunal to reduce or dismiss charges. If a student is going to be expelled, an attorney may negotiate for a withdrawal so that the student does not leave with a negative discharge on the record.

To minimize negative impacts now and in the future, talk to an experienced Mecklenburg County student defense lawyer to discuss the options for reaching the best possible outcome.

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