Chantilly Robbery Arrest Process

Booking is typically the beginning of the Chantilly robbery arrest process. Officers will likely walk the individual in while they are in handcuffs. The accused will be processed where they do fingerprints, take a mug shot, and put the person in a holding cell while they process the paperwork.

After someone is arrested for robbery, they are put in an interrogation room. The interrogation room is where the person should ask for an experienced robbery attorney before responding to law enforcement questions.

Robbery Offenses That Can Lead to an Arrest

Some of the ways that an individual may be charged with robbery in Chantilly is a person hides their hand in their pocket and asks for something under the illusion that they have a gun or dangerous weapon. Robbery charges are typically theft charges with the threat of violence or use of a dangerous weapon.

There are lots of ways a person could be charged with robbery. It has to be an intentional taking of somebody’s property from their person or in their presence with the intent to permanently deprive them of it and with some type of force, threat, violence, or intimidation.

Expectations Following a Robbery Arrest

What someone should know about being arrested by law enforcement on robbery charges is they are probably not going to get bond right away. The bond process may be the most important thing. People go in and the judges need to give bond. If it is the first offense, they bond out on their own recognizance, which means they sign a piece of paper promising to come back, or they get an unsecured bond, which means they sign a piece of paper and if they do not come back they have to pay a certain amount of money.

Common Misconceptions About the Chantilly Robbery Arrest Process

People have this idea that they will be released for a first offense. However, that is not always applicable for robbery charges. Because they are serious, courts have a healthy skepticism that people want to come back to their court date and face the charge. The person is held without bond until a defense attorney files a bond motion. They usually have to file more than one bond motion since the first bond motion is denied, depending on the facts of the case.

Understanding the Severity of a Robbery Charge

The Chantilly robbery arrest process tends to be tense because one aspect of robbery is force, threat, intimidation, or violence in the crime that the person allegedly committed. The common interpretation of this crime is that the accused could potentially be a danger to police officers or the community. Because of this, in order to make an arrest, there are usually multiple police officers assisting with apprehension. Those accused of robbery are treated like violent criminals when they are being apprehended because robbery is considered a violent crime.

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