Pretrial Release and Bond in Fredericksburg DUI Cases

In Virginia, a bond is guaranteed when someone is arrested on a criminal offense, however, there are some exceptions. The expectations are based on the person’s criminal history, whether the judge believes the person is a flight risk, or if the individual poses a risk to the community. Usually, there is a presumption that someone always gets bond unless they are charged with something that would presume against bond such as certain violent crimes and felonies. If a person has failed to appear in court in the past, then they may not get bond in a subsequent case. To learn more about pretrial release and bond in Fredericksburg DUI cases, speak with an accomplished DUI attorney.

How Bond is Determined

The bond amount is based on the risk that someone is to the community, the seriousness of the crime, how likely that the person will re-offend, and/or the likelihood they will come back to court. The judge or magistrate can also issue a bond base on these factors and will try to come up with a number that is affordable so that it does not implicate the Eighth Amendment. The Eighth Amendment protects individuals from cruel and unusual punishment.

The bond can be posted in Fredericksburg either by the individual paying it themselves or by having someone else pay it. Sometimes people have a bondsman pay for a portion of it. It is important for people to know that posting bond in Fredericksburg is not an instantaneous event. Even after the individual posts bond, it could take a few hours to a day to be released.

Understanding Pretrial Release

A pretrial release is when someone is getting bond and they are released prior to trial. Sometimes there are certain conditions the judge can impose. Judges may order a person to wear an ankle bracelet, take drug tests, and check in with a probation officer.

If someone does not comply with the pretrial release, it will lead to a bench warrant for their arrest to appear before the judge and state why they are not complying. When this happens, bail is typically revoked and the person will have to sit in jail until the case is completed. Call a seasoned defense lawyer for a better understanding of pretrial release and bond in Fredericksburg DUI cases.

Importance of Obtaining an Experienced DUI Attorney in Fredericksburg

It is imperative for an individual to hire an experienced DUI attorney immediately after being arrested for a DUI. Depending on the facts of the case, the person may have trouble getting released on bond and a lawyer could help them.

If a person is a repeat offender or is considered a danger to the community, they may have to wait in jail for a while before they are able to be released. This means the individual will not be able to go to work and/or care for their family. In Fredericksburg, it is fairly difficult to get visitation. This is why someone who has been arrested for a DUI would want a bond and if they do not have a skilled lawyer by their side, then they may be stuck in jail. A knowledgeable lawyer understands the process of pretrial release and bond in Fredericksburg DUI cases and could help you if you have been arrested.

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