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If you have been accused of prostitution in Northern Virginia, a Prince William County prostitution lawyer can provide legal representation and help you move past these very personal charges.

Why Do I need a Lawyer?

Many people, especially when facing criminal charges for the first time, see the appeal of saving money and representing themselves in court.  Unfortunately, individuals without a law degree are at a significant disadvantage in these sorts of situations. However, when you invest in the experience and active advocacy provided by a Prince William County prostitution lawyer, you’re making an investment in a brighter future.

When you work with a skilled defense lawyer, you can have confidence that an experienced local law practitioner is working hard to protect your rights and optimize your defense strategy.  Call a Prince William County prostitution attorney with our firm to begin learning about your legal options.

Prostitution and the Law

Addressed in Chapter 8 of the Virginia Criminal Code as a crime involving morals and decency, prostitution is grouped together with offenses which may be immoral but seem far from criminal to the common public, such as “lewd and lascivious cohabitation,” “fornication,” and “adultery.”  It is also grouped together with more serious offenses, however, such as child pornography, indecent exposure, and certain other sexual offenses.

The severity of punishment for these crimes involving morals and decency varies with the severity of the specific offense.  While prostitution and the solicitation of prostitution are typically charged as misdemeanor offenses, other prostitution-related crimes such as human trafficking and pandering/pimping are considered felonies under state law.

Virginia Laws and Penalties Regarding Prostitution

According to the Virginia Criminal Code, any sexual act or crime against nature that is performed for financial gain, monetary reward, or other valuable compensation is considered prostitution.

The penalties associated with a misdemeanor charge for prostitution include a maximum fine of $2500 and/or up to one year in jail.  Upon conviction, the individual must also submit to STD testing for Hepatitis C and HIV, and must undergo counseling and participate in an STD awareness program.

Entrapment Defense

Since criminal charges can be filed for solicitation or prostitution without actual physical contact taking place, law enforcement agents are often able to conduct sting operations which target areas known for prostitution-related activity.  In conducting such operations, however, agents must follow certain protocol to avoid what is known as entrapment, in which individuals who would be unlikely to commit a crime are lured, tricked, or coerced into partaking in criminal activity.

If you were the target of an undercover police operation and feel that you are now facing charges for a prostitution-related crime through entrapment, you should contact a Prince William County prostitution lawyer as soon as possible.  A thorough case evaluation by your legal advocate will determine if entrapment is a viable avenue for defense in your case.  Proactive counsel will know how best to develop your defense in order to minimize the consequences of your charges or possibly pursue a dismissal of your charges all together.

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A Prince William County prostitution attorney who is experienced in cases of prostitution or solicitation defense understands the delicate nature of such charges and will exhibit the utmost discretion in handling such a case.

If you are facing criminal charges for prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, or another prostitution-related charge, you need the help of a serious legal advocate.  Call a Prince William County prostitution lawyer for your free, confidential case evaluation.

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