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culpeper-criminal-lawyerDealing with an arrest can be shocking and confusing, but a dedicated attorney can work to help their clients find peace in their navigation through the legal system. An experienced criminal lawyer will hear clients’ stories without judgment, will represent their experiences, and will fight for their justice.

If you have been charged with an offense in Culpeper, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Culpeper criminal lawyer today to begin preparing for your best defense.

Benefits of Legal Representation

Culpeper criminal attorneys have experience with the many players involved in the criminal justice system as well as the process of investigating a case. Preserving, examining, and questioning evidence is of the utmost importance in building a defense, and working alongside a defense attorney gives people the best chances of effectively utilizing available evidence.

The legal system, the rules of evidence, and the rules of the court are very complicated, and it is important for individuals facing charges to have the support of someone who understands these nuances.

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Possible Defenses

Upon being retained, there are several things a lawyer will want to discuss with their clients in order to begin exploring possible avenues of defense. In order for the arrest and following proceedings to be valid, the arrest has to have followed very standard protocol.

Attorneys will investigate where behavior outside of this protocol may have occurred, and work to have the case dismissed if the arresting officers operated out of bounds.

Something everyone should know about the arrest process is that it is important to comply with police instruction to avoid further complications. When the individual being arrested is behaving, the police will not have reason to act aggressively, which helps everyone involved.

In the event that officers do fail to behave legally, this information can be crucial to assisting in someone’s criminal case, so it is important to pay attention and report all information about the arrest to an experienced criminal attorney in Culpeper. When possible, keeping track of witness testimony and contact information can help corroborate the arrested person’s account, and a defense lawyer will best know how to integrate this evidence into their client’s defense.

When the police arrest someone and choose to question them about the offense at issue, officers must read the person their Miranda Rights, which include the right to remain silent. Taking advantage of this right and requesting to have an attorney present for questioning can be the first step toward building the most robust defense.

Meeting with an Attorney

When meeting with a criminal lawyer in Culpeper following an arrest, it is important to be prepared to discuss what happened. The more information an individual can provide, the stronger the defense can be. A detailed account of the events, including whether the police may have had probable cause to investigate and the process of the arrest can be critical to building the defense.

Some clients are initially intimidated or untrusting of their attorneys, which can do a disservice to their cases. Typically, the more information the attorney has, the more they can help. A criminal attorney needs to begin investigating right away before evidence and witnesses disappear.

This means it is very important for a person to take advantage of attorney-client privilege and be open with their attorney. Since the attorney is bound to keep the client’s information private, attorneys are safe to speak with candidly.

Contact a Lawyer

Finding the right attorney in Culpeper can be a difficult process during an already difficult time. The right lawyer will be experienced, hard-working, and ready to work for you. Contact a Culpeper criminal attorney today to begin preparing the best defense.



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