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After an arrest, finding a lawyer can add to an already stressful experience. This is a time when you need someone on your side. An attorney can help you navigate the confusing legal system to ensure you receive the best possible defense.

It might feel as if no one is listening to your side of the story, but your criminal defense attorney will. A Fredericksburg criminal lawyer will work to help you achieve a positive conclusion to a criminal case.

After an Arrest

Many people who are arrested have difficulty controlling their temper due to the stress of the situation, particularly if the charges are unfair. However, it is important for a person under arrest to remain calm, as their actions can have an impact on the outcome of their criminal case. Further, the individual should:

  • Comply peacefully with arresting officers
  • Pay attention to the officers’ behavior, what they say and do and fail to say and do, and report this to an attorney
  • Notice any witnesses to the arresting event so you can provide their names to an attorney
  • When questioned by the police, tell them you will not answer questions without a lawyer present
  • Behave respectfully to all officers and magistrates for the sake of the outcome of the criminal case
  • Call a criminal attorney in Fredericksburg at the first opportunity

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Seeking Legal Representation

As soon as a Fredericksburg criminal lawyer receives a call from someone who is in legal trouble, whether the call is from jail, after the person has returned home, or from a friend or loved one of the person in trouble, they can provide helpful information about next steps to take.

When the person discusses their case with their lawyer for the first time, it is a good idea to tell them as much information as possible. This is safe, because information provided to an attorney, even before they have been officially hired, is protected by attorney-client privilege.

One exception to the attorney-client privilege is information that, if withheld, could immediately endanger someone else.

Information to Tell an Attorney

It is important for a person to be candid with their Fredericksburg criminal attorney so that they can perform a very thorough investigation of any facts that might help the criminal case. For example, the lawyer might want to talk to any witnesses.

They might also be aware of some behavior on the part of the police or state agencies that might help increase a person’s chances of having their criminal case dismissed or their sentence lightened. Among the other things an individual should be prepared to tell their attorney:

  • The story of the incident that led to arrest
  • Names of any witnesses to the incident or situation
  • How the police became involved in the situation, and whether they were given a reason to be involved
  • What the police said and did when arresting the person
  • Extenuating circumstances (why the police might have failed to understand the situation)
  • Statements made by the client to law enforcement
  • Evidence in the hands of law enforcement
  • Any other related information

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Contacting an Attorney

Sometimes in the confusion of an arrest, you do not immediately think to contact an attorney, or you are unsure of which attorney to call. Even if you are afraid you have waited too long, it is not too late to begin preparing the best possible case for trial.

A lawyer will have the experience and knowledge to help. Whatever the circumstances, they will do their best to fight for you, so contact an experienced Fredericksburg criminal attorney today.

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