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The legal and social ramifications of a drug charge in Fredericksburg can be severe and far-reaching. In addition to hefty fines and potential jail time, a criminal record can jeopardize your constitutional rights and taint your relationships and career prospects.

When facing a situation of this gravity, it is important to speak to an experienced Fredericksburg drug lawyer, who understands Virginia criminal code on the federal and local level. A defense attorney can work to protect your liberties throughout the judicial process, and will work with you to have the charges reduced or possibly dismissed.

Common Drug Offenses

There are many kinds of drug offenses, and navigating the regulations and their potential legal penalties can be overwhelming. For this reason and others, it would behoove someone to speak with a knowledgeable Fredericksburg drug attorney who can help them understand their charges.

Simple marijuana possession is among the most common drug offenses in Fredericksburg and it is not without its penalties.

With the decriminalization of marijuana in neighboring DC, many Virginians mistakenly believe that marijuana possession does not carry serious consequences within the Commonwealth. This is, in fact, not the case. A drug charge of any sort is not something to be taken lightly. A person owes it to themselves and their loved ones to obtain a strong defense.

Felony Possession Charges

Other drug possession charges in Fredericksburg include possession, for personal use or with intent to sell, of cocaine and/or heroin. These drugs are classified as Schedule I drugs and carry with them the harshest penalties because they are deemed to have no pharmaceutical use. Additionally, they have severe potential side effects.

Possession of such drugs, per Virginia code §54.1-3446 to §54.1-3456 is generally classified as a felony and can result in steep fines and time in jail. While possession of other drugs may be considered a misdemeanor, there are consequences for illegal possession of regulated.

If someone is arrested for the possession of any drugs, it is best to speak to a  drug attorney in Fredericksburg as soon as possible to ensure their rights are protected throughout the judicial process.

Building a Defense

Being arrested does not mean foregoing all rights. Too often, however, a person can be convinced otherwise. During an overwhelming situation, it is easy for people to incriminate themselves while trying to comply with an officer. Likewise, many drug searches are not conducted properly, in which case evidence may be unfairly obtained.

If someone has a Fredericksburg drug attorney in their corner, however, they will have a better understanding of their situation and a better chance of protecting themselves from unfair treatment within the system.

With patience and understanding, a lawyer will listen to their client’s story and carefully examine every fact. With this information, they can build a strong defense and work toward the best possible outcome.

In many cases, attorneys can avoid complex, lengthy litigation and obtain a favorable outcome.

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It is difficult to overemphasize the severe consequences of a drug conviction in Fredericksburg. If you are facing a criminal drug charge, it is imperative that you leave nothing to chance and contact an experienced Fredericksburg drug lawyer today.

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