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While many moving offenses require a driver to pay a fine, serious violations can result in a person losing their license or even facing jail time. Every driver has the right to contest a ticket in traffic court. At these hearings, alleged offenders can present evidence proving they should not be held responsible for the ticket and will have the chance to cross-examine the officer who wrote the ticket.

A Fredericksburg traffic lawyer could help people who want to contest a traffic ticket. A skilled criminal defense attorney could investigate the matter that led to the ticket and to appear in court on the scheduled date to argue a case before the judge.

Types of Traffic Violations in Fredericksburg

Every person who receives a traffic ticket can accept the consequences of the citation or fight it in court. For many people, it is simpler to plead guilty to the offense and pay the resulting fine. This usually applies to minor traffic offenses such as speeding, failing to yield, or improper lane changes.

All Fredericksburg traffic tickets flow through the Fredericksburg General District Court on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The ticket will have a printed date when people can appear. To contest the ticket, people need to appear in court on this date.

Some major traffic violations require drivers to appear in court. Serious violations include drunk driving, reckless endangerment, and driving with a suspended license. A court views these incidents as a criminal matter, and a failure to appear will result in a warrant for a driver’s arrest. A person facing a serious traffic charge should consider speaking with a Fredericksburg lawyer before their court date.

What to Expect in Traffic Court

For all non-criminal traffic citation matters, the District Court holds hearings. At these hearings, a person needs to enter a plea as to how they wish to proceed on the ticket. For people contesting the ticket, they will enter a plea of “not guilty.”

At this point, a court will hold a trial concerning the ticket. There is no jury at this trial, and drivers do not have the right to a public defender. A judge asks the police officer who issued the ticket to testify as to why they believe the driver broke traffic laws. All defendants in these cases then have the opportunity to ask the officer questions in the cross-examination phase. A driver also has the chance to tell the judge why they should not be liable for the violation. The judge then has the chance to ask the driver some questions, as will the police officer.

A Fredericksburg traffic attorney could help during every part of this process. A lawyer could cross-examine the police officer on the stand and guide a defendant through their testimony. Additionally, they may be able to negotiate a lenient penalty with a judge if a person is found guilty.

A Fredericksburg Traffic Attorney Could Protect Your Rights in Court

Every driver who receives a ticket for a moving violation has the right to contest that ticket in traffic court. You need to be prepared to argue your case as well as question the officer who issued the citation.

A Fredericksburg traffic attorney could help you to promote a powerful case in court. Attorneys could work with you before going to court to strengthen your testimony and hear your side of the story. In court, they could cross-examine the police officer on your behalf and guide you through the process. Contact an attorney today to learn more.

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