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Residents of Brunswick County use guns to serve many functional purposes, and gun owners have certain constitutionally protected rights. This does not prevent law enforcement officials from arresting people for violations of gun laws.

It may be confusing to determine what conduct is and is not permitted, notably since legislators have enacted gun laws at the federal, state and even local level. These laws are subject to frequent amendment since the public response to every tragedy involving guns seems to call for more strident gun regulation or prohibitions.

Whether you are facing charges of gun violations, seeking restoration of gun rights, or are trying to follow proper procedures to avoid breaking the laws, it could be very helpful to consult a knowledgeable Brunswick County gun lawyer. An accomplished criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the application of gun laws could help you work toward the best resolution of your situation.

Common Gun Offenses

Certain types of conduct may be prohibited by multiple laws or may be permitted by federal laws but proscribed by state law. Brunswick County even has its own set of ordinances relating to firearms. It is wise to work with an experienced gun attorney in Brunswick County who is aware of how all the different gun laws and regulations fit together.

While people in Brunswick County may be charged with many different types of violations, some of the more common may include:

  • Carrying a gun in a restricted location such as a school
  • Reckless handling of a firearm
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit
  • Discharging or brandishing a firearm in public
  • Use of a firearm in the commission of a crime
  • Illegal transportation of a firearm

It is important to realize that there are defenses available depending on the offense at issue and the circumstances involved.

Brunswick County Gun Laws

While most laws regulating the use, possession, sale, and transportation of firearms have been enacted at the federal or state level, Brunswick County has added specific gun ordinances as well. Brunswick County, Municipal Code §42-117(e) for instance, specifies that “[n]o person shall carry or have in his possession a firearm or any other weapon while attending a music or entertainment festival in the county.”

Brunswick County, Municipal Code §38-5 allows the sheriff’s office to dispose of firearms confiscated by law enforcement officials after a certain amount of time has passed. Brunswick County, Municipal Code §54-41 specifically exempts firearms from taxed personal property as “household goods.” For more information about gun laws in Brunswick County, contact a knowledgeable lawyer.

Penalties for Gun Offenses

As a practiced Brunswick County gun lawyer could explain, penalties for gun offenses vary considerably. Some offenses involve only the use or possession of a firearm, while others involve the use or nearness of a firearm to a person committing other criminal offenses.

If an individual either possesses a gun or has access to a gun while in possession of certain controlled substances, The presence of the firearm becomes a separate felony offense with the drug charges under Virginia Code Annotated §18.2-308.4. This is treated as a Class 6 felony with a minimum term of imprisonment that may be as long as five years.

One common violation involves carrying a concealed weapon in violation of Va. Code Ann. §18.2-308. A first offense is treated as a Class 1 misdemeanor with a maximum one-year term of imprisonment and a maximum fine of $2,500. A second violation of this or similar local laws escalates the offense to a Class 6 felony, and a third or subsequent violation is treated as a Class 5 felony with the potential for a sentence of up to ten years in prison. A person accused of gun crimes in Brunswick County is recommended to speak with a dedicated defense attorney for legal advice.

Consult with a Dedicated Brunswick County Gun Attorney

Given the public sentiment in much of the country, it is unlikely that the penalties for violations of gun laws will ever decrease. Law enforcement officials may be pressured to make more arrests even if circumstances do not appear to warrant criminal charges. It is wise to tread carefully when it comes to gun laws.

An experienced Brunswick County gun lawyer could provide advice on how to handle a particular situation, whether it involves an alleged violation or other matters pertaining to firearms. For assistance, call now.

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