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Appealing a criminal court decision involves a complex legal process and body of laws that can be difficult to navigate without the guidance of a Falls Church appeals lawyer. A seasoned criminal attorney could evaluate the ruling in your case to determine whether an appeal may be possible. A lawyer could also discuss what your best legal options may be when filing an appeal.

Legal Representation Is Essential

The appellate process can be extremely complicated, which makes it crucial to retain a local attorney who has an extensive background handling criminal appeals cases. An attorney who is familiar with the legal restrictions governing appellate procedure could examine whether any mistake or error was made in the previous case that could merit filing an appeal.

It is essential to understand that limited windows of time exist in which appellate proceedings may be commenced. Additionally, an attorney is barred from introducing any new legal issues in a case on appeal and obligated to focus only on the core concerns of the first case. If a person is dissatisfied with the outcome of their criminal matter and believes they may have grounds for an appeal, they should seek counsel from a Falls Church attorney as soon as possible to discuss what next steps could be possible.

The Appellate Process

For criminal cases heard in Circuit Court, in order to initiate appellate proceedings, the petitioner must have just cause to seek an appeal. An appeals attorney in Falls Church could evaluate the petitioner’s case to determine what grounds exist that could give rise to an appeal of the lower court’s judgement. A person may not file an appeal simply because they are unhappy with the outcome of their case. A legal mistake or inaccuracy must have been present in the original case for an appeal to be justified.

The appellate process would commence with the filing of an appeal request. No new evidence would be introduced on appeal. Rather, the criminal attorney would leverage compelling defense strategies based on sound legal reasoning to argue for a reversal of the lower court’s judgement or, in some cases, an entirely new trial.

The appeal may be reviewed by a single judge or group of judges, depending on whether any parties oppose the appellate proceedings. If the petitioner’s appeal is denied or they are still unsatisfied with the court’s conclusion, their knowledgeable attorney could advise them on whether they should consider filing an appeal with the state Supreme Court.

Types of Cases That May Be Appealed

There are a wide variety of criminal cases that may be appealed, depending on the facts of the situation and how the case was handled by the lower court.  Common types of cases that may be reviewed by the appellate court include sex crimes, murder, drug offenses, gun crimes, assault, domestic violence, and grave traffic violations. An appellate court may also hear cases concerning battery, drunk driving, and driving while under the influence of drugs.

Discuss Your Case with a Falls Church Appeals Attorney

It is imperative that you let a Falls Church appeals lawyer handle your case if you believe some mistake or injustice was rendered in the lower court’s decision. An attorney with experience handling appellate matters could maximize your chances of achieving your desired outcome and guide you through the appeals process.

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