Fredericksburg Sex Crime Investigations

Fredericksburg sex crime investigations are conducted through a series of networks. Depending on the elements of the specific sex case and the evidence in question, law enforcement may need to produce search warrants.

Investigators may look into the internet search history of a person and then decide whether or not to charge them. Depending on what they find or whether they have enough reason to find anything, a formal investigation will slightly differ. However, regardless of how an investigation proceeds, an experienced Fredericksburg sex crimes lawyer should always be consulted in order to protect the legal rights of the individual being accused.

Elements of a Sex Crimes Investigation

A sex crimes investigation could consist of talking to people who know the suspect, such as friends or family. However, more often than not, Fredericksburg sex crime investigations consist of law enforcement monitoring a particular site that happens to have information on it.

Typically, they watch who downloads content from the site and are then able to track the computer by username or by IP address. With this information in hand, they can physically track down an individual and issue a search warrant to go into their house and seize any items relevant to the investigation.

Depending on the type of material that a person is looking at and where they are getting it from, they may not be given their full list of charges at this stage. After law enforcement seizes the materials, they will typically charge the accused with something, while reserving the right and ability to add to those charges based on the review of the content.

Law Enforcement Agencies Involved

Usually, there is some type of separate sector or unit that specifically deals with sex crimes. This is because these charges are so specialized, and investigations require specific knowledge of computer crimes. At the very least, a computer crimes unit is involved for web activity. Within that unit, the sex crime will be investigated.

There is often a separate child pornography sex crimes unit where the officers specifically work on this type of offense. Ultimately, it depends in large part on the resources the office has available to them. The federal government has large portions of funding dedicated to both the sex crimes investigation and the prosecution.


Usually in sex crime cases, the investigation happens prior to arrest. Because of this, the arrest itself tends to be carried out by a team of police rather than by an individual officer. In addition, by the time they decide to actually go and arrest someone, it is common for them to already possess a lot of information on the person in question already.

If charged in a case, and considering that law enforcement may already have significant evidence based upon their Fredericksburg sex crime investigations, it is important to reach out to a lawyer with a history of successfully defending similarly accused individuals.

Role of an Attorney

Due to the nature of Fredericksburg sex crime investigations, it is important to hire a skilled sex crime lawyer because the cases involved are complex. There is a lot of language in sex crimes cases that is unique to the law, and the law is constantly changing. A person needs an attorney who has the experience to predict what the prosecution is going to be looking for, what they are going to be focusing on, and also how to defend against it.

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