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A sex crime does not refer to a specific crime. It is not identified specifically beyond the fact that it involves a sex act or a sex organ. It is an overarching set of behaviors, so there is no specific statute that prohibits specific actions separate from the idea of the overarching sexual act.

A sex offense is an overarching term for anything that can involve some degree of relationship between the individuals. For instance, it could be an offense because of the individual’s relationship to the initial person, or it could be considered a sex offense because of the actual action taken.

Because of their severity, if you are facing charges, a Fredericksburg sex crimes lawyer can help you build the strongest defense possible, as well as guide and advise you throughout the process.

Potential Charges

Examples of different sex crimes that someone could be charged with in Fredericksburg include things like rape, forcible sodomy, sexual assault, and sexual battery, as well as child solicitation and child pornography charges. There is a large, varying array but those are some of the most common that are seen.

Penalties and Consequences

One of the unique aspects in facing sex crime charges that is different from facing other types of offenses includes the stigma. The stigma associated with sex crimes is far more severe than the stigma associated with other crimes.

Secondly, sex crimes are usually going to be charged as felony offenses so the collateral consequences are going to be much more severe as well. Repercussions of a conviction can include years in prison and the loss of certain rights related to things like voting and the ability to carry firearms in the State of Virginia.

Lastly, sex-based felonies are problematic because of registration issues, having to register as a sex offender, or not being able to hold certain types of jobs like teaching or nursing. In addition, there will be limitations on which areas a person can live in, near schools for example. All of these are the end results, often, for a sex crime offense conviction.

Different Degrees

As with all charges, there are different degrees of severity. Often, sex crimes are charged as a felony. Some common examples of felony sex crimes in Fredericksburg are rape, forcible sodomy, aggravated sexual battery, indecent liberties, child pornography, and child sex solicitation.

Beyond the extreme social stigma and the severity of the charge of one conviction, a person is facing a longer period of incarceration because it is a felony. A person is facing multiple years in prison. They face the possibility of being registered as a sex offender for their life. These are all punishments which are amplified by the nature of the crime.

Working with a Fredericksburg Sex Crimes Lawyer

Hiring a Fredericksburg sex crimes lawyer early on in the process is important since a lot of the information-gathering is done during the investigation stage even before an arrest. Therefore, as soon as a person suspects or deduces that they are the subject of an investigation, they ought to immediately involve an attorney because otherwise the individual may make a potentially damaging statement, or might be tricked into explaining or admitting things that can be used against them later on, even if they are innocent of the claims.

Having an attorney involved will help prevent their client from further incrimination and help limit the flow of incriminating evidence that could be potentially coming against the defendant.

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