Alexandria Traffic Point System

The point system in Virginia is referred to very specifically as points on one’s driver’s license. Whether someone has a driver’s license or has a commercial driver’s license, here in Virginia the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) keeps track of all of one’s offenses. It is possible to have either positive or negative points depending on the traffic offenses an individual has been convicted of.

In Virginia, positive points are awarded for certain time periods in which an individual did not collect any traffic infractions or points-bearing misdemeanors. Additionally, an individual can be awarded good points if they go to a state-approved traffic school. Every two years, people are eligible to collect good points if they complete a traffic school course approved by the DMV. Negative points are collected if an individual does something, or is convicted of something that is classified as a moving violation under the DMV’s rules.

For example, there are scenarios where somebody could get three points taken from their license because they were convicted of improper driving. Speeding carries a different number of negative points, depending on the speed at which a driver is caught. It certainly depends, for the most part, on one’s charge specifically and how many points the charge will carry, as well as how many points the charge can potentially carry.

Situations That Impact Points

In Virginia, to have points subtracted from one’s license, which is what happens if a person is convicted of a traffic offense, it really depends on the specific traffic offense that the person is convicted of or found guilty of. If someone is found guilty of a moving violation, that carries points with it and that person will have those points subtracted from their record.

How An Attorney Can Help

Any driver facing traffic charges in Alexandria should hire an attorney because the attorney will be able to not only negotiate with the prosecutor but also negotiate with the involved officers themselves. Lawyers get better outcomes in Alexandria when they have a relationship with the officers, the prosecutors, and the judges, because they are able to come up with creative solutions to satisfy the demands of the system that will also enable them to work toward the client’s wishes—whether that would be no points or no conviction—while at the same time using all the facts of the person’s case to try to fight the case.

Even if you are only facing a minor infraction, it is absolutely worth it to retain a traffic lawyer to represent you in your case. Especially in scenarios where the person drives for a living, or otherwise requires a license to maintain job performance. An attorney can work with that person, even for the most minor traffic offenses, to try to find a solution that does not involve negative points. Attorneys are able to do this often, but it requires solid knowledge of local laws and some creativity to do successfully.

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