Evidence in a Fairfax Armed Robbery Case 

The local lawyers would be able to know how to best go about the evidence needed in a Fairfax armed robbery case in each specific jurisdiction.Evidence in a Fairfax armed robbery case is extensive. Contact a competent Fairfax theft attorney for next steps and how to combat the situation.

Types of Evidence

An attorney analyzes any statements that the defendant has made to law enforcement. Second, an attorney looks for any witnesses available on the scene. They see whether or not there was there anybody that saw what happened that can testify or is likely have an interest in the case to testify one way or another.

There could also be tangible evidence like weapons, whether or not a firearm is used, where it is, any potential fingerprints that would come off of that, and any video or surveillance footage. It is very likely that cameras around could have caught what transpired. An attorney will  send a preservation letter to an entity saying, “Please preserve the video for us and not erase it.” A lot of stores have a loop camera that just overwrites what was written every so often, a week or two weeks and then following the preservation letter they would send them a subpoena to get a copy of that. Those are the types of evidence that the attorney would try to compile and add up to present at trial.

Local Rules on Evidentiary Issues

There are also local rules about evidentiary issues. In terms of how to bring an item into evidence, how to do a proper order to get that piece of evidence admitted, an attorney will know how the process differs between jurisdictions and it is in the defendant’s best interest to get somebody who knows what those local rules are. A skilled, local attorney is able to articulate what the local rules are and can follow them the right way for the benefit of the defendant. Local attorneys know the prosecutors, they work with them day in and day out, and they also know the judges really well. Good lawyers have good reputations with judges and Commonwealth’s attorney.

They are also familiar with the setting of the area, which always plays in the favor of the defendant, especially when knowing what evidence to look for in a Fairfax armed robbery case. They can make the process a lot smoother, providing legal knowledge and resources along the way. Call a professional lawyer today and see what kind of difference it can make in your armed robbery case.

 Knowledge of Local Jurisdictions

A local attorney is the most beneficial in their knowledge of the local rules in any jurisdiction. The law is the same across Virginia, it is dictated by the Virginia code. However, the process and the procedure differs, how things are done are different in each level of court across the board. If you are facing an issue with armed robbery in Fairfax, it is in your best interest to hire a local and qualified attorney who can help you through a difficult situation.

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