Plea Deals in Fairfax Armed Robbery Cases 

Plea deals in Fairfax armed robbery cases can be beneficial for a person. A robbery is a type of theft but it is theft with the added element of force or threat of force. It is a category of theft and it is punished and labeled as larceny petty and grand. Robbery is a type of theft, it is larceny, but larceny plus the use of force or threat of force. Larceny is a plain type of theft crime, armed robbery is a theft crime plus the force or threat of force element added. If you need assistance with definitions or plea deals regarding armed robbery cases, contact an experienced Fairfax armed robbery attorney today.

When to Take a Plea Deal

Plea deals are commonly negotiated in situations where it appears the government can prove their case. The lawyer keeps plea deals in mind as the point of reference. They are constantly assessing the facts that they gather. If the facts and evidence do not satisfy certain elements of the case, what can be done? If the government has sufficient evidence, what can be done?

They constantly use the elements as a point of reference for the case and they try to match up whatever they hear or gather to see if the government can satisfy their case or not. If the government is able to do that and there are enough factors the government can use in order to prove their case, that would be a scenario where the attorney would advise the individual to take a deal. This, of course, will be to avoid the risk of trial and also to aim for acceptance of responsibility, participating in mitigating activities, if there are payments of restitution involved if there are any things that the individual can do on their side in order to soften the landing. That is when a plea deal in Fairfax armed robbery cases would be appropriate.

Common Scenarios to Consider Plea Deals

If the attorney believes that there is enough for the government has enough to try the charge, the attorney would begin negotiating for a better outcome for the defendant. Those negotiations take place before trial or on the day of a preliminary hearing. This would be the case for a felony because they start off with a preliminary hearing and then a trial in circuit court.

Another scenario in which a person would take a plea deal is if the defendant’s case does not look strong, but the government cannot prove their case either. If the other party is particularly sympathetic in the case and the jury or the judge may find it difficult to take the defendant’s side, the attorney may also suggest taking a plea deal. Negotiating a plea deal in Fairfax armed robbery cases can mitigate charges. It does require some extra legwork on the defendant’s part, but it is better than going to trial. If you have more questions on what plea deals entail in Fairfax armed robbery cases, a Fairfax armed robbery attorney would be happy to assist.

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