Fairfax Armed Robbery Lawyer 

A Fairfax armed robbery lawyer can help individuals facing an issue with armed robbery. Robbery is the taking of property from another person by violence or intimidation with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the property. The elements for a robbery are a taking of property by partial strangulation, suffocation, striking, beating, or by any other type of violence to the person, or by assault or putting that person at a fear of serious bodily injury. There is also the threat of firearms another deadly weapon. Since robbery is taking property with violence, there has to be the added element of using some type of weapon or a deadly firearm. It is a felony that is punished by confinement of not less than five years. Talk to a professional lawyer today to take action for your situation.

Qualities of Fairfax Armed Robbery Lawyer

A Fairfax armed robbery lawyer is highly experienced in handling armed robbery cases. They have experience taking cases like that and representing individuals. They are also skilled in fighting issues. There are a lot of factual questions that come up with scenarios of robbery and a person should be able to spot any legal issues and factual disputes.

Severity of Armed Robbery

Armed robbery is a very serious charge. It is also one that involves an aggravation in cases where a person uses a weapon or a deadly firearm. For that reason, the attorney should be highly qualified. There is a lot of potential for jail time, there is potential for fines to be paid. The Fairfax armed robbery attorney is highly qualified to spot issues, to sense weaknesses in the government’s case ahead of time, and to leverage that for the individual’s benefit.

There are other types of theft charges in Virginia, and each one of them is punished differently and is taken at a different level of seriousness. An experienced attorney should be able to make sure that whatever the defendant is charged with is the correct code section to be invoked. They would be able to assess the level of severity and adjust accordingly. The role of a Fairfax armed robbery attorney is to do whatever is in the best interest of the individual.

Benefit of Experienced Attorney

An attorney who is practicing in the area and has taken similar cases would be able to know right away what the potential issues are if there are fresh issues that come up, and if there are any legal cases that have come down in regards to one of the issues at hand. An attorney experienced in the field will also be able to tell what the possible outcomes are and what they were looking at in terms of potential dispositions of the case. An experienced Fairfax armed robbery attorney can make all the difference in a case because they know the jurisdiction, the way the court works, the sentiments of the judges, and have other insights into the case. Call an attorney today.

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