Working with a Fairfax Armed Robbery Lawyer 

Working with a Fairfax armed robbery lawyer can make a person’s case. Theft charges are serious. In Virginia, they are classified as petty larceny or grand larceny and the monetary value that amounts to them are pretty low. What makes a charge grand larceny includes taking the property of more than $500. From a person’s presence, it is of more than $5. In one of those situations, a person is looking at grand larceny, which is a pretty serious charge. That is why a person should seek the assistance of a trusted Fairfax armed robbery lawyer.

Seriousness of Charges

Even though it is not robbery and it does not have mandatory five years in prison, larceny is a pretty serious charge and compiling those charges up to getting more than one or two larceny charges brings it up to the felony level. Also, larceny is a crime of honesty, which means it can be a hindrance to finding jobs. Restitution can also be involved.

Even though it is serious, a person may not have to pay a significant fine for larceny. However, larceny is still a crime in which working with a Fairfax robbery lawyer would be beneficial. If a weapon is involved, charges are much more serious. In these cases, it is crucial that a person seek the assistance of a Fairfax armed robbery lawyer. Working with a trusted attorney can make an armed robbery case.

Contacting a Fairfax Armed Robbery Lawyer

A person should try to work with a Fairfax armed robbery lawyer as soon as they are charged. Sometimes, depending on the pre-trial assessment of how severe the case is, a person could be held in custody. The first immediate concern is to get the person out on bail so they can prepare for their defense at trial. A person should hire a highly qualified lawyer as soon as possible.

Availability of Evidence

Another reason why a person should contact a lawyer right away is that sometimes there is an issue with the availability of evidence, the availability of witnesses, video footage, and other evidential areas. A lot of times witnesses become unavailable because they chose to leave or they forget the details of what happened. It is very crucial to hire somebody right away so the attorney can start investigating immediately, sending any preservation letters to preserve evidence and then sending a subpoena following that. It is important to work with a Fairfax armed robbery lawyer in a timely manner.

Bond Motions

Another reason to contact an attorney right away is if there is a scenario where the individuals are held in custody, a bond motion can be filed in order to get them on bail. The bond motion is a chance for the attorneys to talk with the Commonwealth’s attorney and see how serious the charge is, how seriously they want to prosecute this individual, and what kind of evidence is available. Work with an experienced local attorney today to see what you can do about a Fairfax armed robbery situation.

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