Fairfax Robbery Charges

Fairfax robbery charges are much more serious than other types of larceny charges, mainly because the sentences range from five years to life in prison. Robbery is defined by a couple of different factors. There has to be theft and violence to be convicted of robbery. A person has to take items from a person by threats, force, or intimidation for the offense to be a robbery. If you have been charged with a robbery offense, consult a skilled robbery lawyer that could build a solid case for you.

Elements of a Robbery Charge

A robbery charge in Virginia is going to have the elements of taking something from a person with an act of violence or a threat of violence. An act of violence could be beating somebody, choking somebody, punching somebody, putting somebody in reasonable fear of death or some kind of assault, or using a weapon or threatening to use a weapon during the course of the taking.

Due to the severity of Fairfax robbery charges, somebody needs to look for a lawyer who is not only zealous but is knowledgeable about the law and who can fight for the client. That means it needs to be somebody who is able to differentiate between the elements of robbery and the elements of larceny offenses and then use that to try to provide the best possible defense for somebody. It is going to take a series of zealousness and knowledge about the law.

Steps an Attorney Can Take When Defending an Individual

A defense attorney can leverage their experience when trying to gain an advantage over the prosecution in a few different ways. First and foremost, it is important for the lawyer to be able to negotiate and use every tool to try to negotiate a better offer if the person can. Another step a lawyer can take is, attempting to call attention to or dismiss certain pieces of evidence. A good lawyer who knows the law surrounding robbery is going to be able to file motions, prevent that evidence from coming forward and being used at trial and help the person win the case. Before even getting to the trial process, an attorney could leverage evidence as a negotiation tool to get a better offer or take it forward and to use it as a defense in the actual trial process.

Qualities to Look For in a Fairfax Robbery Lawyer

If you are facing Fairfax robbery charges, you want to work with an attorney who has a great deal of experience representing clients who have been charged with robbery. The lawyer should be someone that knows how to represent those who have been charged with robbery, understands the process of building a robbery defense, and is comfortable advocating for others in front of a judge or jury. A knowledgeable attorney could determine which defense strategies apply to your case, and can devote the time and resources necessary to advocate for you.

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