Working with a Fairfax Robbery Lawyer

Robbery charges can be intimidating, especially if this is a person’s first offense. However, there is no need for an individual to attempt to handle their case alone. If someone has been charged with robbery in Virginia, they should consider working with a Fairfax robbery lawyer. A person would not want somebody coming in from out of state who does not know Virginia law and the Virginia process. Furthermore, a qualified local robbery attorney may have preexisting relationships with judges and prosecutors and can leverage those connections when negotiating on a person’s behalf.

When to Get in Touch With a Lawyer

A person facing a charge in Virginia or thinks they might soon be facing charges in Virginia should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as they possibly can. If they do not, they face the potential of admitting evidence that can be used against them in the case, making mistakes in their case that would lead them to a worse outcome later on, or waiving certain rights that they have to file motions, fight their case, or to get evidence that could potentially be helpful or help exonerate them.

Information to Share With an Attorney

A person contacting a criminal lawyer for robbery charges should have information available about their case, about themselves, and about their criminal record. For their case, they should have an idea of what happened the day that they were taken in. They should focus on telling their lawyer about everything in the portfolio, for instance, if they remember being around, who was with them, what was said, and more importantly, what was said to the police officer as soon as police officers arrived on the scene. There other questions an individual should expect to hear when working with a Fairfax robbery lawyer including:

  • How did the person interact with the police?
  • Did the individual make any admissions or statements to the police about what happened?
  • Did the person sign away any rights that they have, including their Miranda rights or their rights to remain silent?
  • Was there any video involved?
  • Does the individual remember any fingerprints and do they remember putting their hands on anything that might be incriminating later?
  • Were there witnesses who might be able to testify against the defendant?

Then, as the person comes in, an attorney might inquire about a person’s previous criminal record, in order to ensure that they are not on probation for anything or facing pending charges. All these things are things that somebody needs to think about as far as facing potential robbery charges.

How a Robbery Attorney Can Help an Individual Navigate the Trial Process

The robbery trial process can be difficult to navigate alone. Virginia has something called a bifurcated system, which means that a jury hears a case. They are going to hear the person’s guilt or innocence decide the sentence. Juries do not have the ability to suspend time, meaning that a jury could give someone a significant amount of time and not suspend it in a robbery case. It can be difficult to combat that alone.

An individual might not be familiar with the voir dire process, which is the process by which an attorney in Virginia gets to interview the jury before they are chosen for a case to determine who the best jury is for their client. There are many different factors that make Virginia charges unique. The criminal process can be difficult to understand and navigate alone, which is why working with a Fairfax robbery lawyer is so important. Those who face robbery charges should reach out to skilled robbery lawyers that could advocate for them.

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