Important Things Everyone Should Know About Facing Charges in Arlington

Below, an Arlington Criminal defense attorney talks about the three things everyone facing criminal charges should know and current problems within the judicial system. To discuss your case call and schedule a free consultation today.

1)  Just because you’ve been charged does not mean that you ultimately will be convicted of that charge or that your life is over.

2) Hiring an experienced knowledgeable attorney can bring you peace of mind in a confusing, scary and uncomfortable situation.

3) It is the job of police to collect evidence against you. If you are being investigated, it can greatly benefit you to retain counsel before speaking to police.

Protect Yourself By Getting Legal Counsel

The most important thing you can do after being is charged is, once again, contact and hire an Arlington criminal lawyer. Produce any evidence you may have on your behalf, including eyewitnesses or anything else you can provide to that attorney. Lastly, relax and listen to the advice that you’re getting from the attorney because they’re there to help you and stressing out unnecessarily is not to your benefit.

The motivation of the various parties involved sometimes can work to the detriment of individuals. A police officer, no matter how well-meaning, has an interest in making arrests and in keeping the community safe. In the interest of doing that however they may view things in certain light, they may construe things a certain way that conforms with their understanding of their job and with the goal of keeping the community safe. So, I think their interest in protecting people in their mind can often lead to not respecting the individual who’s been charged with the offense.

Mandatory Minimums Can Limit Discretion By The Judge

Another problem that currently exists with the criminal justice system is mandatory minimum sentencing.  I think that each person should be treated as an individual, judged on the merits of their particular case and their particular background. To say “no matter what the circumstances of the case are or who you maybe you will be sentenced to five years for this offense” is just wrong. I think it was a reactionary response to high violence in the 1980’s and early 90’s and I think it’s a real problem.

Another problem with the criminal justice system is that the system sometimes loses sight of the fact they it is dealing with human beings. Days, months and years in jail are thrown around casually without remembering that it is a person who has been charged with a crime, and a person who will actually have to serve that sentence.  So, I think that’s a problem, I think the court system could use a little more humanity in respect to people who are charged with offenses.

Contacting an Attorney Can Help Even Before You Are Charged

It’s very important to contact an attorney early because everything you say could potentially be used against you in court. Attorneys know how what you say and what you do can be used against you at a later date. Not having great familiarity with the court, the rules of evidence, trials or officers’ techniques in an investigation  can be a severe detriment, even if you haven’t been formally charged. An attorney will be able to tell you what to say what not to say and will do so with an eye to hopefully have you never be charged, or if you are eventually charged to put you in the best position with respect to those future charges.

If you are contacted by police, it is of utmost importance that you talk to somebody who knows the law and has your interest at mind. No matter how friendly a police officer has been, it is their job to make their case as strong as possible. It is in your interest to speak with an attorney before you unwittingly help them do that.

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