Prince William County Sex Crimes Lawyer

A sex crime is defined under Virginia law as any crime involving a sexual act or any act of a sexual nature. This could include inappropriate touching, intercourse, or other sexual advances against another’s will. Sex crimes are serious because the offenses quite often carry harsh penalties, and are usually classified as a felony.

There are only a few related instances that are classified as a misdemeanor and most carry a mandated requirement to file with the sex offender registry. With this registration, a person is restricted from holding certain jobs and required to keep a distant parameter away from children. With these penalties in mind, it is imperative those accused consult with a Prince William County sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible to build a defense. An experienced attorney will be able to ensure that the rights of those accused are protected and that the harm associated with these offenses are mitigated as much as possible.

Types of Offenses

In Prince William County, there are various sex crimes that a person can be charged with such as rape, date rape, sodomy, sexual penetration or sexual battery, as well as sending naked pictures to someone depending on the age of the person in the picture. Individuals charged with any of these offenses should contact a sex crimes lawyer in Prince William County because these types of offenses are extremely serious and can result in severe consequences for anyone who is convicted.

Sexting Charges

Although there is not a specific law in Prince William County that prohibits sexting, it can still be treated as a sex crime. For example, if a person sends nude photographs to someone, and depending on the age of the person in the picture or the recipient of the picture, the person sending the picture could be charged with the distribution, possession and/or creation of child pornography. This could be a situation where a person believes he or she is simply sending an innocent text, yet could face much harsher consequences due to the circumstances.


A person facing these allegations can range from being on probation to being incarcerated for years depending on the charge. For example, if an individual is convicted of possessing child pornography, each picture can be considered a separate account. That means each picture could carry a mandatory minimum charge, and the defendant could potentially face life in prison. Conviction of a sex crime will also mean for the individual to becoming a registered sex offender, which makes it imperative that a Prince William County sex crimes attorney is contacted.

Benefits of Hiring An Attorney

These cases tend to be very detailed and require a lot of manpower that goes into these investigations. Therefore, the defense needs ample time to build a strong case, which usually involves the attorney’s independent investigation and examination of the prosecution’s evidence. Another benefit for you is that your Prince William County sex crime lawyer can serve as a liaison and begin counseling you from saying or doing anything to further incriminate yourself, as well as preventing any sort of harassment from the police.

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