Building a Defense for Prince William County Sex Charges

In building a defense for a sex crime case in Prince William County, the first thing a skilled sex crimes defense attorney will look for is the nature of the relationship between the alleged victim and the individual. They will want to know information such as whether it was a stranger, if it was somebody that the person knows, what the age of the alleged victim was, what age the accused believed the alleged victim to be, how the accused knew the alleged victim, and what contact the person had with the alleged victim.

A defense attorney will determine the nature of the relationship which gives them an idea of how the prosecution is going to approach the case and then the attorney will look at any witnesses or DNA evidence or other physical evidence that could be used against their client. From there they will be able to build a strong defense for their client.

Steps to Building a Defense

A good sex crimes attorney will look into the forensics of the case in order to try to figure out if there is anything that can be used to rebut the victim’s state as far as the testimony goes, and then look at other witnesses, if there is any video, if there is any type of recording that could either confirm or deny the alleged victim’s statement. The defense attorney should compile all of this information simultaneously in order to get a picture from the outset of the evidence and what could potentially be used against their client in court.

An experienced defense attorney will typically build a successful defense for a sex crimes case in three steps by uncovering information on:

  • The relationship between the accused and the accuser
  • The nature of the physical evidence
  • Any testimony or visual or audio evidence that may exist

The attorney will then put that information together to figure out what the prosecution’s case will look like based on the same evidence and then build the defense from the prosecution’s case.

What to Do Following Charges

The top three things to do following sex crime charges are to:

  • Immediately call an experienced sex crimes attorney
  • Avoid talking to anybody besides the attorney, which includes not answering any questions, not trying to justify oneself, not trying to explain, and making no statements
  • Try not to give any information, even information to a well-meaning police officer because the accused feels they have nothing to hide and they are trying to be helpful and cooperate. Never give any information under any circumstances

Working With a Law Firm

Working with a law firm is a good idea in a sex crime case because they offer an individual a wide range of options when it comes to who they physically want for their representation but it also gives an individual a chance to have many different minds collaborating and operating on their case and building their defense. In a law firm, there is a lot of collaboration. Different attorneys may have different approaches and ideas as to how to approach a good defense and by bringing all of the best ideas together from each individual attorney and working with each attorney’s individual strengths, a great defense can be built that a single, solo practitioner could not offer.

With a law firm, the attorneys are usually able to practice in front of other seasoned attorneys in order to have the best possible defense by the time the case goes to court. This is unique to law firms that individual solo practitioners do not have available. Attorneys in law firms have a whole team of individuals that are working for a person’s case to be resolved. An experienced law firm will best be able to build a strong defense for a sex crimes case in Prince William County.

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