Working With a Prince William County Robbery Lawyer 

Robbery is a serious crime that could sometimes result in a felony conviction. With so much at stake, it is important to consult an experienced legal advocate. If you have been charged with a robbery offense, working with a Prince William County robbery lawyer can be immensely helpful. Speak with a capable robbery attorney that could pursue a positive outcome for you.

When to Contact a Defense Lawyer

A person should contact a criminal lawyer right away, immediately once they suspect that they are being charged with a crime or they are going to be charged with a robbery crime. Sometimes, in situations where the police are around asking questions of friends or family, that person, if they suspect that they are going to be charged soon or they are going to be arrested, they should call an attorney right away to help them reduce the damage and, perhaps, keep the charge from being brought in the first place.

How an Attorney Can Leverage Their Experience

One of the benefits of working with a Prince William County robbery lawyer is that they may be able to leverage their experience over the prosecution when negotiating with the prosecution about a robbery charge by explaining to the prosecution what their experiences in front of certain judges or in front of juries with similar charges and similar facts are—especially if there are issues in the case that legally could create the possibility of present motions being granted or other evidence being thrown out.

A good criminal defense attorney is going to use this information as leverage to try to permit the prosecutor to drop the charges or lessen the severity of the charges instead of going forward with the original charge.

Information to Bring to a Consultation

When contacting a criminal lawyer about robbery charges, a person should have any information available that they can remember from the day of the incident in question—places, people, specific names if they can remember names, anybody that they talked to from the police, and what they said to the police officers.

Certainly, if they were in a specific location that might be more likely to have cameras, they should let their attorney know about that. If there were any eye-witnesses who could have seen things or if there is any alibi defense that they might have, they need to tell their attorney about that as well at the beginning so the attorney can start preserving evidence to prove that. In any type of situation, the more facts that somebody can give their attorney, the better.

Hiring a Theft Lawyer in Prince William County

A person charged with robbery should hire an attorney because they are going to need somebody to help defend them against such a serious crime and the series of consequences that come along with it. Felony consequences can ruin somebody’s life and, certainly, the idea that somebody might spend the rest of their life in prison makes it imperative that they have somebody by their side who is advocating for them and who is making sure that they get the best possible outcome. Working with a Prince William County robbery lawyer is one of the best steps they can take to begin building their case.

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