Mecklenburg County Robbery Arrests

Mecklenburg County robbery arrests are almost always made hours or days after the actual criminal act takes place. The delay between the offense and the arrest makes robbery different from offense such as DUI in which the defendant is usually arrested immediately after the alleged offense. If you have been arrested or indicted for robbery, consider reaching out to an experienced robbery lawyer. A criminal attorney could help protect your constitutional rights throughout the arrest process and help you avoid self-incrimination or other damaging mistakes.

Basic Arrest Process

Law enforcement chooses when to arrest someone for robbery based on the specific facts of the case. If law enforcement is responding to an emergency situation, they see evidence that a robbery may have occurred, and the suspect is still on scene, they might arrest somebody immediately upon coming into contact with them. Other times, the robbery investigation takes a few days to gather enough information to determine a suspect. When that is the case, they make the decision on when and where they should arrest somebody based on the evidence they have in front of them.

Usually in a robbery arrest, law enforcement arrives with a warrant to take somebody into custody. Occasionally, somebody is arrested at the scene of an alleged robbery. Upon arresting a person, law enforcement will take them to a magistrate who will have the warrant served on them and make a bond determination. Law enforcement will then take the arrestee to jail where they will be booked and their private property will be inventoried and held separately. Usually, they will then be held until their attorney has a chance to set up a bond hearing.

What to Do Before an Indictment

It is possible that a person indicted for a robbery offense will never learn of the indictment prior to it being served on them. If they think the indictment might be coming, however, their attorney may be able to contact the courthouse to confirm that an indictment is imminent.

A person arrested on robbery charges should know that anything they say to law enforcement can and almost certainly will be used against them at trial. It is important that a person remain silent during the entire arrest process. They should also be aware that once law enforcement has arrested them on charges as serious as robbery, they are likely to be held without bond. Therefore, they should contact an attorney as soon as possible so the bond process can begin.

Turning Yourself In

If somebody is aware that an indictment or a warrant has been issued for their arrest, they can contact law enforcement and make arrangements to turn themselves in.

By turning themselves in, a person has the chance to speak with anyone, including an attorney, prior to being incarcerated, which could greatly assist in their defense, especially when it comes to gathering information or evidence. It can also be helpful because it indicates to the prosecutor and the court that they are not running from the charges and that they are willing to face them in court.

Contacting an Attorney After a Mecklenburg County Robbery Arrest

If you are facing an indictment for robbery or have already been arrested, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer could help protect your interests after a Mecklenburg County robbery arrest and ensure that you are released on bond as quickly as possible.

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