Chantilly Robbery Arrests

Chantilly robbery arrests are typically classified as one of two theft categories. For people who are caught in the act of robbery or shortly thereafter following a police chase, the police pull them over and arrest them. Those are more physical arrests. They are violent to take down at sentencing.

The other category would be the investigation of Chantilly robbery arrests. In investigative cases, the individual is not apprehended at the scene of the alleged offense. However, a police officer or detective has done an investigation, gone in front of the magistrate, and gotten a warrant to arrest that person. Following a warrant, law enforcement can arrest them immediately. Therefore, it may be critical to speak with a skilled robbery attorney about possible defenses for your case.

Common Causes of a Chantilly Robbery Arrest

Law enforcement chooses when to arrest somebody in a robbery case based on their MO, modus operandi, for the robbery. They would be able to get a robbery suspect as soon as possible. They rarely like to wait. If they are waiting, it means they are collecting evidence. While they are collecting evidence, if they do not have an immediate case against a person, they like to go out.

It might take a significant amount of time. However, if there is a warrant out for Chantilly robbery arrests, it is likely that law enforcement will charge them following the arrest. They may go to the person’s home or place of work within a couple of days or have the individual talk to their attorney and arrange a time for the individual to turn themselves in. It depends on the facts of the case.

Likelihood of Turning Oneself in for a Robbery Arrest

It is rare to have the opportunity to turn oneself in for a robbery. People have a chance to surrender themselves in circumstances that deal with investigations. If they do not pick the individual up and they want to give the person a chance to turn themselves in, they may reach out to the person if they have their number and tell them that they just want to talk. They may end up in an interrogation situation where they are giving evidence against themselves. Having an attorney is the only way a person might have a chance to turn themselves in.

Understanding the Robbery Indictment Process

If someone is indicted for a robbery offense and they do not know already about it that means that the preliminary hearing process was skipped and it is a direct indictment. A prosecutor brought a case to the grand jury, the grand jury found that there was a true bill, and that person is considered to have been indicted. Once the true bill is written, there is enough evidence to go forward with the case.

If somebody does not know about it until that point, they know about it as soon as they get arrested or as soon as their attorney gets a call. It is possible for somebody to find out in one day that they were indicted and that there was an approved warrant for Chantilly robbery arrests. An attorney could help you better understand the steps you need to take following a theft accusation.

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