Mecklenburg County DUI Lawyer

DUI charges in Mecklenburg County can include consumption of alcoholic beverages will driving a motor vehicle or possession of an open container of alcohol while driving a motor vehicle. Facing such charges, and attempting to fight them on your own, can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, a seasoned criminal defense attorney could help. There is no need to fight a DUI charge alone. Hire a Mecklenburg County DUI lawyer to fight on your behalf for the best possible legal outcome given the circumstances.

What a DUI Attorney Could Do For You

A DUI lawyer in Mecklenburg County could help a person facing DUI charges by providing several services. Some of the services a skilled lawyer could provide include the following:

  • Explain the specific charges being faced
  • Explain the potential legal penalties if convicted
  • Provide legal counsel and answer legal questions
  • Provide representation during all legal proceedings
  • Fight for the best possible legal resolution

DUI Laws in Mecklenburg County

Title 18.2 of the Code of Virginia covers general crimes and offenses. DUI related offenses are detailed in Chapter 7, Crimes Involving Health and Safety, of Title 18.2 (see § 18.2-323.1). According to the law, it is unlawful to drink an alcoholic beverage while driving any type of motor vehicle on a public road or highway.

Additionally, it is also unlawful to be in possession of an open container of alcohol while driving a motor vehicle. An open container is one that has been at least partially consumed, presumably by the driver of the motor vehicle.

The law further specifies that to be in possession of an open container of alcohol means that such a container is within reach of the driver. This can include the passenger seat, the glove compartment, a cup holder in close proximity to the driver’s seat, or any other area where the open container can be reached by the driver.

A Mecklenburg DUI attorney could explain the DUI laws in further detail as they apply to the specific charges a person is facing.

Possible Legal Penalties for a DUI Conviction

Consuming alcohol while driving or being in possession of an open container of alcohol while driving is categorized as a Class 4 misdemeanor. There are four classes of misdemeanor offenses in the state of Virginia and Class 4 misdemeanors carry the least severe penalty of the four classes. The penalty for Class 4 misdemeanor convictions is a monetary fine of not more than $250.

The presence of aggravating factors, including previous DUI convictions, could potentially result in an elevation of the charges and more severe sanctions upon conviction.

A Mecklenburg County DUI lawyer could explain the potential legal penalties associated with the specific DUI charges against an individual based on the circumstances surrounding the alleged offense.

Speak with a Mecklenburg County DUI Lawyer

There is no reason you should have to try navigating the legal system on your own while fighting DUI charges. An attorney could help by letting you know what to expect at every stage of the legal process, while also representing you during all legal proceedings.

When you hire a DUI attorney, there is someone on your side fighting to help you obtain the best possible legal result. Contact a Mecklenburg County DUI lawyer for legal representation.

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