What Happens After a DUI Arrest in Mecklenburg County

While a drunk driving allegation could be overwhelming, understanding what happens after a DUI arrest in Mecklenburg County could help individuals better prepare a defense. Speak with a knowledgeable DUI attorney to learn how to proceed with your intoxicated driving charge.

Where is a Person Taken Immediately Upon Arrest?

Immediately upon arrest in Mecklenburg County, an individual is taken to the police station where they are typically given a breath test after an observation period. They are taken to the magistrate office for issuance of the warrant and are then taken to jail for a number of hours until they are able to demonstrate their sobriety.

While a person could refuse to take a blood alcohol content test, there are consequences to this decision. The first instance of a refusal to submit to a breath or blood test for driving is a potential civil penalty that may result in the suspension of the person’s driver’s license for one year. During that year, the individual is typically not eligible for a restricted license. Subsequent refusals is typically a criminal offense.

Calling a Lawyer During a DUI Stop

While people may contact an attorney during a DUI stop, they might not necessarily be given the chance to make a phone call. If they suspect that they are going to be arrested for DUI and have the opportunity to make a phone call, they could reach out to an attorney during the stop. Individuals typically do not have to answer any questions until they have been given an opportunity to consult with an attorney.

What Happens to a Person’s Car After a DUI Arrest?

If a person is arrested and charged with a DUI and they were the only occupant of the car at the time, they should expect that their car could be searched, inventoried, and potentially towed and impounded. They may need to pay a fee to have the vehicle released from the impound lot. If they are able to get in contact with a person who can drive to the scene of the arrest, that person could be given permission by the law enforcement officer to drive off with the arrested person’s vehicle.

When picking up a vehicle at the impound lot, individuals are recommended to bring their identification so that it could be verified with a copy of the registration of the vehicle. They could also bring a copy of the summons that they received to corroborate the circumstances that led to the impoundment of the vehicle.

Depending on the circumstances, the DUI lawyer could speak with law enforcement while the prosecutors could make an arrangement to get the impounded vehicle returned to their client. They could also communicate with an incarcerated person and their contacts to help make the necessary arrangements for the retrieval of the vehicle.

Vehicle Searches

A person’s vehicle may be searched for inventory purposes so there are not any later allegations of missing items the car. Depending on what is inside the car, this could make someone’s situation much worse. For example, if the officer who searched the car found any illegal substances or even alcohol in the car, that could be used as evidence in court in the DUI case.

How a Mecklenburg County DUI Attorney Could Help

A DUI lawyer could help individuals by gathering information and crafting a defense strategy. For example, an attorney may look at the arrest for violations of any constitutional rights of the accused. If they find evidence of misconduct, they may be able to prevent evidence from being introduced in court. Learn what happens after a DUI arrest in Mecklenburg County by reaching out to a skilled attorney today.

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