Chantilly DUI Education Programs

There is a variety of DUI and alcohol education programs and classes in Chantilly that someone may be placed into. If you are convicted of a DUI, it will be mandatory for you to take these education courses. There are also voluntary courses that you could enroll in, but those are not going to be available through the court. These classes may be required as part of a sentence for the DUI as part of the ASAP program ordered by the court.

It is unusual for these mandatory programs to allow volunteering parties. If you are concerned about potential DUI education programs that you may have to enter, you need the assistance of a Chantilly DUI attorney as soon as possible who can help you determine the classes you may have to face.

Education Materials

The DUI courses, depending on the course, can use a range of DUI education materials including videos, literature about DUIs, the effects of DUI, and the effects of alcohol use. There are no DUI online courses that are going to be allowed, so someone will need to attend the programs in person. ASAP Programs are 10 weeks long,  Someone’s ASAP caseworker may determine that treatment sessions are also needed.

Additionally, sometimes, there will be representatives from local organizations that represent victims of DUI accident cases, and those victims will sometimes speak in a victim advocate panel. It depends on the program that you entered into. The DUI education program, the Fairfax Alcohol Safety Action Program is run by the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Department, which is where someone’s Chantilly Alcohol Safety Program will run.

Victim Impact Panel

A victim impact panel is going to be a panel that has many different individuals who are coming in to give testimony about their experiences with DUI cases in Chantilly, usually as victims and they will discuss the impact that it has on their lives. Chantilly is in Fairfax County, so it is treated exactly the same way as other DUIs in Fairfax County. The victim impact panel will be part of someone’s ASAP, their Alcohol Safety Action Program meeting, or part of their treatment with that.

For example, people who were injured or who lost family members to a DUI driver, these individuals will come and speak to a group to give them the opportunity to understand what effects that this actually has on other people’s lives, to try to use that as a form of deterrent.

The victim impact panels are usually organized, although they are organized with the help of the ASAP Program, with the administration of a local organization. For example, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have it in the past.

Group Activities

Some group activities that go through the ASAP in Fairfax are things like education classes where someone is going to be meeting in groups. When someone first enrolls, they will be given an evaluation to adjust the level of intervention that enforcement thinks the person may need and then, additionally, they will attend meetings weekly or sometimes more often, depending on what they might need and those will be determined based on questions and investigations that they do about their specific alcohol use and the impact that it will have.

Some of the DUI group discussion topics in Chantilly can be messages of safe drinking, prevention of re-offending, examples of effects of their drinking, and it depends on what sort of program someone is entered into.

Traffic School Options

Anyone who is facing an instruction to enter a DUI education program in Chantilly, they can do whatever they want after they are convicted of a DUI, such as entering into traffic school. If someone feels like voluntarily going to traffic school, that is not something that the court will consider as part of their DUI-mandated education that they are going to have to go through. They are still going to have to complete ASAP and they are still going to have to go to the courses and follow the recommendations. Traffic school is not the same thing as a DUI educational program, but it may be recommended additionally and prove beneficial to someone.

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