After a DUI Arrest in Chantilly

After a DUI arrest in Chantilly, an individual is going to be taken to the Fairfax County adult detention center, which is located next to the Fairfax County courthouse. An individual will be held in the detention center until they are processed through.

If you have been arrested in Chantilly for a DUI, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced attorney immediately. A knowledgeable lawyer will be able to help lessen or dismiss any consequences associated with your charge.

Central Booking

After a DUI arrest in Chantilly, central booking takes place at the adult detention center in Fairfax. That is where an individual will be booked.  Sometimes, law enforcement may bring an individual to one of the police substations that is closer to Chantilly to hold them briefly to get more information. However, if an individual is going to be spending time incarcerated, they are going to be taken to the magistrate in the Fairfax County adult detention center, located next to the courthouse in Fairfax City.

Central booking, jail, and adult detention center are all the same thing. Central booking is simply where they process an individual’s information. An individual will be taken into the jail, processed through, and then taken into another room where they are going to be processed or held. All of these things happen in the same location after a DUI arrest in Chantilly.

Arrest Process

An individual will be taken in and processed after a DUI arrest in Chantilly. An individual will then be fingerprinted, and their mugshot will be taken.  A person will be held, usually overnight, at which point they are going to be released depending on their criminal record and the facts of their case, either on a bond or on their own personal recognizance. An individual may also be held longer if they have enough of a criminal record. This will be at the Fairfax Adult Detention Center.

Mandatory Minimum

A mandatory minimum is a number of days that are prescribed by statute if an individual has a conviction with certain factors attached to it. For example, if an individual’s blood alcohol level is between 0.15 and 0.20, then they have a mandatory minimum of five days if they are found guilty of a DUI in Chantilly, and the judge has no authority or power to impose less than five days.

Arrest Records

Arrest records are available to the public in Chantilly.  The jurisdiction for Chantilly arrests is Fairfax County. These records are kept in two locations: the processing center at the jail maintained by the Sheriff’s Office and the records contained in the Clerk’s Office at the courthouse.

An experienced Chantilly DUI attorney can assist an individual if they are facing any complications after their arrest for a DUI in Chantilly.

An experienced lawyer can help in gathering all of the necessary evidence associated with the charge, and help efficiently and effectively combatting the allegations imposed by the prosecution.

Potential Consequences

Having a public arrest record is problematic for any individual because it means that anybody from employers, neighbors, friends, and acquaintances can check out these arrest records and see that the individual has been arrested.

Further, mug shots are not available to the public in Chantilly.

Expungement Process

If an individual is found not guilty or their charge is dismissed on all fronts, then they can petition for an expungement of the arrest record.

Sealing of criminal records only occurs for juvenile offenders.  For adult charges, the process to delete criminal records is called expungement.  In Virginia, expungement of criminal charges is only available in very limited circumstances, usually only for dismissed charges.

If an individual is acquitted of a DUI, they will still have an arrest record available to the public. The only time that this arrest record will go away is if it is expunged by the circuit court.

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