Evidence in Fairfax Sex Crimes Investigations

Sexual offense investigations are initiated by the police. Oftentimes, law enforcement can be prompted to investigate by a report from a witness or a third party. Sometimes, a situation is brought to a prosecutor and the prosecutor will decide whether or not they want to move forward with a sexual offense investigation.

The decision to prosecute can be prompted by many parties, but it will always go through a magistrate unless it is something that the police actually observed. Evidence in Fairfax sex crime investigations is an important aspect of building a strong criminal defense case.

Evidence Sought in Sex Crime Cases

The type of evidence sought in sexual offense cases depends largely on the charge. Different charges have different sets of evidence. For example, if the case involves rape with objects or sexual penetration, the evidence of penetration is going to be the most important piece of evidence. If there is a rape kit collected by the sexual assault nurse examiner, it could corroborate or discount the allegation of sexual object penetration. Additionally, Fairfax sexual offense evidence may be what was actually used to penetrate, DNA, fluids, and statements made by the defendant and the alleged victim.

If the case involves child pornography, the evidence sought will be the images themselves. Oftentimes, the following questions will be asked to gather evidence.

  • Where did they come from?
  • Where were they created?
  • How did images get on the computer?
  • Are they on the computer now?
  • What do they show?
  • Does it fall under the child pornography statute?

Tools Used to Collect Evidence

Tools used to collect evidence in Fairfax sex crime investigations varies depending on the type of evidence present. If an individual has the physical evidence, detectives will pursue evidence like interviews with witnesses. Nurse practitioners will also collect physical evidence, and DNA experts will test swabs that are collected at the scene by officers.

Physical evidence pertains more to physical assault cases, but in several pornography cases, evidence may be much more technical. Computers, technology, digital files, and images as well as statements from the defendant and witnesses, are all valuable pieces of evidence in a sexual offense case in Fairfax.

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Sex crimes are complicated and can be prosecuted on a state or national level. Minor offenses are often investigated on the state level, but more severe crimes may be brought to federal court. If you are facing charges of sexual assault, pornography, or another sexual offense in Fairfax, a strong criminal offense lawyer may be able to help you navigate the complicated legal system.

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