Choosing an Attorney For a Fairfax Criminal Case

Choosing an attorney to represent you in a Fairfax criminal case is an important step. Finding a competent attorney who you trust is an integral part to your defense, and the search can be time-consuming and difficult. Below, a Fairfax criminal lawyer discusses some additional factors people should consider during their search for legal representation. To discuss your case or to ask for more information, call today and schedule a consultation with our Fairfax criminal lawyers.

When to Contact an Attorney in a Fairfax Criminal Case

When conducting an arrest, police do not have to stop the investigation or arrest to allow you to contact an attorney, even if you request one. With that said, however, if you do request an attorney they will typically afford you an opportunity to speak with your attorney within a fair amount of time. Of course, once you have been arrested, booked and released from custody you can contact an attorney at anytime. If you’re charged with an offense and in custody, the jail should allow you to contact an attorney.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney If You’re Being Investigated

It’s very important to contact an attorney if you’re being investigated for a crime because an attorney will have your best interests in mind, will be able to advise you how to respond to the investigation, and what steps to take to either put you in the best possible position if you are arrested, or in many cases make it so that you will never be charged.

Attorneys can advise you on what steps to take to ensure that you have a good outcome because they are familiar with the process. They know what law enforcement officials are looking for. They know how police build their investigations and will know how the evidence police are seeking will play out in court.

Contacting an attorney immediately can help you prevent ever being charged or if you are charged, to help put you in the best possible position when you get to court.

Working With a Private Law Firm v. Public Defenders

It really comes down to your personal preference. The public defenders are very competent and know the courts where they work very well, but public defenders often handle a very heavy caseload because they must take every single case that’s assigned to them. Even though they may be a good attorney, they often don’t have time to focus on your case in the same way a private attorney might.

Private attorneys can pick and choose what cases they handle. They have a limited number of clients. They make sure that they have the appropriate amount of time to focus on your case. They can give you more thorough personalized attention to your case.

If they work for a law firm there are other defense attorneys in that firm that can help give advice or assist with the case. They often have better resources, including private investigators, to help your case.

Important Aspects to Know About Choosing an Attorney

In choosing an attorney, you have a lot of options but the most important thing is to select someone who is experienced, someone you trust, and someone you have open communication with.

The most important factor in a good attorney-client relationship is open communication. You should be open and honest with your attorney and likewise, they should be open and honest with you.

What to Consider When Looking for a Defense Attorney

If you’re looking for a defense attorney, you should be looking for someone who has experience, someone who knows the jurisdiction where you are charged, someone who will fight for you, someone who you trust, someone who will be there for you and someone who you can communicate with.

All those things combine to make for a good attorney-client relationship which is ultimately going to benefit you if you are charged with an offense.

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