Mecklenburg Reckless Driving By Accident Lawyer

The Virginia Code defines reckless driving by accident in Mecklenburg by a number of different means. This could include a crash caused by a failure to control the vehicle. Such an offense is a Class 1 misdemeanor and treated seriously by the courts. While individuals could face severe consequences upon conviction, a Mecklenburg reckless driving by accident lawyer could help. Getting legal advice from a seasoned traffic attorney could be crucial to challenging a court’s traffic allegations.

How a Person Could be Charged With Reckless Driving by Accident

Reckless driving by accident is different from reckless by speeding in court because it has the additional effect of an accident having occurred that could make a big impact on the court deciding the case. It is not routine like reckless driving by speed.

Reckless driving by accident charges could occur when an officer believes a person failed to maintain control of their vehicle. It is not tacked onto every accident. While certain crashes could be charged in multiple ways, reckless driving by accident is not tacked onto every charge. The charge is considered just as severe as other forms of reckless driving.

A conviction could lead to a person losing their commercial driver’s license. This may affect their career if their employer learns about the charge. A Mecklenburg attorney could fight to try and maintain a person’s CDL when facing a reckless driving by accident charge.

Defending Against Reckless Driving by Accident Charges

There may be legal excuses for being involved in a collision. If the accident is not a person’s fault, it often is something that has to be litigated at trial. Accused individuals may find it necessary to let an attorney build their defense case. A person’s legal defense typically hinges on the unique facts of their case. The standard is different for a criminal reckless driving charge in that the prosecution must prove the charge against the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt. A civil case could be proven by simply showing a preponderance of the evidence. Civil cases are only punishable by monetary damages and do not involve incarceration.

A reckless driving by accident attorney in Mecklenburg could learn as much as possible about the case and could research all the relevant case law and facts that are necessary to represent the accused. Defending a criminal case could also be very important in helping a person fight against any future civil case.

Hire a Mecklenburg Reckless Driving By Accident Lawyer

The nature of certain automobile crash cases may require individuals to consult a lawyer. It could be more difficult to defend oneself when there has been an accident, notably if it is a single-car accident or if the officer at the scene decided that one party was the driver at fault. An attorney with experience in defending reckless driving by accident cases could present a strong defense on behalf of the accused.

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