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If you have been charged with solicitation, you may be feeling angry, humiliated, and worried about how such a charge could affect your reputation, employment, relationships, and opportunities within your community. While solicitation charges are very serious, an Arlington solicitation lawyer can fight to clear your name and help you get your life back on track. Call a solicitation lawyer in Arlington today.

What are the Benefits of Experienced Legal Representation?

By working with an Arlington solicitation attorney who understands the way the local court system operates, you can have confidence that your defender and advocate is working hard on your behalf.  You lawyer will carefully investigate all of the details and circumstances pertaining to your case, seeking to identify any evidence that could be effectively refuted or dismissed based on the way it was collected.

Call an Arlington solicitation lawyer today to conduct your free consultation and find out what other services our aggressive criminal defense attorneys can provide for you.

Solicitation of Prostitution in Virginia

Under Virginia Code 18.2-346, anyone who offers money in exchange for sexual acts may be charged with solicitation of prostitution, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 12 months in jail and $2500 in fines. There are many situations that can lead to solicitation charges, and if you believe you were unfairly charged with soliciting prostitution, an Arlington solicitation lawyer can help.

Soliciting Prostitution from a Minor

Soliciting prostitution from a minor is considered a more serious offense, even if the individual was not aware of the minor’s age. Soliciting prostitution from a minor between 16 and 18 is a Class 6 felony punishable by up to five years in prison, but if the minor is younger than 16, this constitutes a Class 5 felony and may carry a sentence of one to ten years in prison.

The court does have the discretion, however, to reduce penalties for soliciting prostitution from a minor to the penalty typically assigned for misdemeanor offenses. This is one reason why it is so important that you have an Arlington solicitation lawyer on your side who can negotiate with prosecutors in your case and ask for reduced charges and penalties, depending on the circumstances that led to the accusations against you.

What are Related Charges?

There are several other charges related to the offense of solicitation of prostitution. Depending on the facts in your case, it is possible that you may face additional charges, such as using vehicles to promote prostitution, living in or visiting a “bawdy place” for immoral purposes, aiding prostitution by providing information or transportation to others interested in obtaining prostitution services, taking, containing or confining a person for prostitution or receiving money for procuring prostitution. An experienced solicitation attorney in Arlington will be familiar with all types of charges related to prostitution solicitation and can help you combat each offense of which you are accused.

Whether you are charged solely with solicitation of prostitution or multiple prostitution-related offenses, an Arlington solicitation lawyer can investigate the evidence against you and examine whether your alleged conduct actually met all of the elements required for a person to be convicted of the offense.

Consult an Experienced Arlington Solicitation Lawyer

If you have been unfairly charged with soliciting prostitution, it is important to have an experienced solicitation attorney in Arlington on your side who can mount a strong defense on your behalf. Your Arlington solicitation lawyer can ask that the charges against you be dismissed and can negotiate with the prosecutor for reduced charges and penalties. While the legal process associated with fighting prostitution solicitation allegations can be stressful and overwhelming, working with an experienced Arlington solicitation attorney is the first step you can take in putting this negative experience behind you.

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