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An Arlington gun lawyer can provide representation if you are accused of a weapons offense.  Despite your Second Amendment right to bear arms, Virginia laws have imposed myriad restrictions on gun possession and use. If you are accused of violating any of these gun laws, you could face criminal charges. The job of an Arlington gun lawyer is to help you develop and carry out a smart response to those charges with the goal of getting charges dropped, getting a not guilty verdict, or negotiating a favorable plea agreement.

Call An Arlington Gun Lawyer As Soon as Possible

Prosecutors must prove you guilty of a weapons offense beyond a reasonable doubt or else you should not be convicted. An Arlington gun lawyer will work hard to try to make it impossible for a prosecutor to prove the case against you.  Your attorney may:

  • Introduce defenses to weapons charges, such as your right to carry the weapon as part of your lawful business or your right to discharge the weapon in self defense.
  • Make the jury question whether weapons laws were violated. A not guilty verdict does not require proof of innocence- if the jury questions the credibility of witnesses or doubts other aspects of the prosecutor’s case, that should be enough to avoid being found guilty.
  • Petition to keep evidence from being presented. If evidence being used against you was obtained in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights, it cannot be used. Other types of evidence may also be inadmissible, including hearsay statements or coerced confessions.

Your attorney will not only help you while you are on trial for a weapons offense, but can also assist in arguing for bail so you can be released pending your trial.  You should call an attorney before you are arraigned so you can have a legal advocate on your side from the start.

Gun Crimes Laws in Arlington

Virginia gun laws generally impose criminal penalties on defendants who possess a gun without legal authority, or who improperly discharge a weapon.  Gun crimes can range from carrying a concealed weapon with no permit under Virginia Code Section 18.2-308 to the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony under Code Section 18.2-53.1.

Some gun crimes are classified as felonies in Arlington, including possession of a firearm after a felony conviction under Code Section 18.2-308.2.  Other offenses, including discharging a gun in a public place, may be classified as misdemeanors.

The nature of the offense and a defendant’s past criminal record are both determining factors in the types of consequences that come with the conviction of a gun crime.  It is important to remember, though, that arrest and charges do not always lead to a conviction.

Getting Help from an Arlington Gun Crimes Lawyer

Raising a defense in court can be complicated in gun crime cases.  You deserve to have a knowledgeable local lawyer on your side to help you understand the nuances of the criminal justice system. Contact an Arlington gun crimes lawyer as soon as you can if you are accused of a weapons offense so you can get help from an attorney with experience helping defendants face weapons charges. Here is information on all the services we provide for criminal defense in Arlington County.

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