Fredericksburg Substance Abuse Evaluations

After a person has been convicted of a DUI in the State of Virginia, they are required to undergo ASAP, which is the Alcohol Substance Abuse Program in Virginia. Some individuals choose to take the evaluation voluntarily prior to conviction. If you were ordered to undergo Fredericksburg substance abuse evaluations or are considering taking one voluntarily, it could be beneficial to consult an experienced DUI attorney. A lawyer that has handled ASAP evaluations could explain the process and guide you through it.

Facts Regarding Substance Abuse Evaluations

Fredericksburg substance abuse evaluations may help the court fully understand whether the defendant has a problem with drugs or alcohol. Evaluations may give courts additional information on the defendant so that a fair ruling could be made regarding their DUI case. Another purpose of a substance abuse evaluation is to find out how much of a risk the person poses for re-offending and getting another DUI. If a person is ordered into a substance abuse evaluation by the State of Virginia, it is likely to be done through the government organization. While the result of the substance abuse evaluation could potentially be available in court, they will be in a private setting when they take the substance abuse evaluation.

Consequences of an Evaluation that Indicates a Pattern of Substance Abuse or Addictive Behavior

There are different ramifications for a substance abuse evaluation in Fredericksburg that indicates a pattern of substance abuse. If a person convicted of a DUI is on some type of probation pursuant to ASAP and is doing a substance abuse evaluation accordance with it, an evaluation showing a severe substance abuse problem could require more treatments and classes for them. These treatments and classes may occur at a more frequent level. The defendant may have more intense supervision and intervention if necessary. The program would likely be more thorough in all aspects, including the administered.

If the evaluation shows addictive behavior, there is no simple answer for what may happen next. There is no criminal penalty associated for such a result and changes in the person’s ASAP program will depend on the type of addictive behavior indicated, the charges they received initially, their ASAP officer, and many other factors.

Potential Benefits of Undergoing a Substance Abuse Evaluation

Substance abuse evaluation could potentially address the underlying issues that caused the individual in Fredericksburg to be in a criminally liable situation. As an attorney could explain, the person and society could both benefit from them receiving help and treatment for their substance abuse issues. If the person is a risk for re-offending, a benefit of substance abuse programs may be that they include enforced monitoring for the person’s behavior.

Who Can Request a Substance Abuse Evaluation?

An individual in Fredericksburg who is suffering from substance abuse can request substance abuse evaluation privately at any point in time. The court may order substance abuse evaluation as part of a probation requirement, ASAP, a violation of probation, or pre-trial requirement. What they do will depend on where they are in the process, what type of charge they have, and their personal preferences.

Call to Learn More About Fredericksburg Substance Abuse Evaluations

Undergoing Fredericksburg substance abuse evaluations could have a significant impact on your DUI case. Before taking the tests, it may be crucial to speak with a hard-working defense attorney. A lawyer could explain how courts may perceive your evaluation results, what the benefits and risks of taking a test are, and how to proceed with your DUI case. Contact an attorney today to learn your legal rights and options.

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