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A volume dealer is someone who traffics a significant amount of drugs. While volume dealer charges are not very common, volume dealer charges entail the possibility of serious consequences. The consequences include long periods of incarceration and damage to a person’s record. Depending on the quantity and amount of the drug, a person could face a felony conviction which could also damage their personal and professional reputation, and result in the loss of certain civil liberties. With so much at stake, it is vital that if an individual has been charged with a volume dealer offense, they should consult a Fairfax volume dealer. A determined drug attorney could fight for a positive outcome for them.

Investigation of Volume Dealer Cases

Volume dealer charges are rare in Fairfax, but it is possible to face a volume dealer charge anywhere and anytime. Volume dealer cases will be investigated seriously and thoroughly in Fairfax because of the serious nature of the allegations. It will be similar to a drug distribution or a conspiracy investigation, and it will use many resources, including confidential informants or possible co-defendants.

Continuing Criminal Enterprise Charges

To be charged with a continuing criminal enterprise means that law enforcement or prosecution is accusing someone of ongoing criminal activity, usually in the context of a continuing drug conspiracy or drug trafficking operation.

The penalties associated with continuing criminal enterprise include a 20-year mandatory minimum sentence if it is charged federally, and sentences often carry above that mandatory minimum. Continuing criminal enterprise is different from a drug conspiracy charge. It is often treated as being even more serious and carries with it higher mandatory minimums and higher maximum consequences. A knowledgeable Fairfax volume dealer lawyer could explain the nuances of continuing criminal enterprise charges and could defend an individual against the charges they may face.

Penalties Associated with Volume Dealing

Penalties for volume dealers can carry mandatory minimums as high as five years and maximum penalties as high as life in prison. It is rare for a drug distribution charge to elevate to a volume dealing charge in Fairfax, but if the quantity of the illegal drug is high enough or if there is evidence of other trafficking or conspiracy, prosecutors might see fit to elevate the charge. A skilled Fairfax volume dealer attorney could mitigate the severity of the penalties an individual may face.

Value of a Fairfax Volume Dealer Attorney

It is crucial to have an experienced Fairfax volume dealer lawyer when facing a volume dealing charge because of the serious consequences that come with it. There are intricate details involved in presenting an effective defense or mitigating evidence in a volume dealer charge case. A seasoned drug attorney may have a better understanding of local drug laws and the intricacies of the offenses that a person faces. If an individual has been charged with a volume dealing offense, they should consult a knowledgeable drug lawyer that could advocate for them.

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