Initial Court Appearance in a Fredericksburg DUI Case

It is crucial for a person to learn their rights before their initial court appearance in a Fredericksburg DUI case. The first appearance could be essential and may determine the course of a person’s DUI case. If you have been arrested for a DUI and would like to learn more about what happens at your initial court appearance, reach out to a knowledgeable defense attorney. An experienced DUI lawyer could help you understand your rights.

Arraignment For Drunk Driving Cases

In Fredericksburg, a person’s initial court appearance for their DUI case is an arraignment. Individuals should note that arraignments for DUIs in Fredericksburg are a formality and are simple. At the arraignment, the judge will inform the arrested individual what they are charged with and whether they would like an attorney to represent them. The defendant will have the opportunity to hire a lawyer or have one appointed by the court if they qualify.

In some cases, when a person is being arraigned, they are already out on bond. In other situations, they may not be out of bond yet. In either case, a person’s first court appearance for a DUI will be an arraignment. Defendants are required by law to attend their arraignment, and they do not have the opportunity to take any pleas at this time.

Time and Place of the Arraignment

The time of an individual’s initial court appearance depends on whether they are being held in jail. If they are still in jail, the arraignment happens quickly, typically within the next business day after they have been arrested and processed. If the defendant has been released on bond, their arraignment could be a week from then or within a few days. It all depends on the court schedule.

In Fredericksburg, initial court appearances for DUI cases usually take place in General District Court unless it is a juvenile. If it is a juvenile, the arraignment will happen in juvenile and domestic relations court.

What Happens in the Time Between a DUI Arrest and an Arraignment?

In Fredericksburg, a defendant will be processed between the time of their drunk driving arrest and their arraignment. The individual then sees a magistrate who decides whether to release the defendant on bond initially or whether they should hold them pending a bond motion. The accused person could have implied consent, which is when the authorities reduce some paperwork and ask the defendant to take a breathalyzer or might have their blood drawn. Depending on the facts of the case, the individual could be sitting in a cell overnight or may be held in jail for a few days.

Call to Learn More About the Initial Court Appearance for Fredericksburg DUI Cases

The defense attorney typically has no involvement during an arraignment. That being said, a seasoned lawyer knows how the arraignment process unfolds and could help you understand your rights. If a person has a lawyer before their initial court appearance, they may waive the arraignment and may not have to show up in some circumstances. Call today for more information about your initial court appearance in a Fredericksburg DUI case.

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