Ignition Interlock Devices in Fredericksburg DUI Cases

An ignition interlock device is a device attached to a person’s vehicle that requires a person to give a breath sample when they start their vehicle and then again at periodic intervals as they are driving. This is done to demonstrate their sobriety prior to driving and while they are driving. Those who wish to understand how ignition interlock devices may impact their ability to drive could speak with an accomplished drunk driving attorney for assistance. Call today to learn more about ignition interlock devices in Fredericksburg DUI cases.

How Does an Ignition Interlock Device Work?

The ignition interlock device is sensitive to alcohol particles and will prevent the car from starting if the person blows into the device and has been drinking alcohol. The device will require the person to blow into it and will log their blood alcohol content at regular intervals while the car is being driven. Anytime a person is convicted of DUI in Fredericksburg and requests a restricted license, they must have an ignition interlock. If someone is convicted of reckless driving and is ordered into ASAP, there could be an ignition interlock requirement requested by the judge in certain cases. It should be noted that this is not statutorily mandated.

Time Requirements For Maintaining Interlock Device

The length of time that the person has to have the interlock device will depend on their specific conviction. For a first offense in which they are requesting their restricted license, they must have the device installed for six months. If the device is required for subsequent offenses, the requirement could be six months for some offenses and a year for others.

Restrictions and Costs

With a very limited exception of certain motor vehicles, an ignition interlock device must be installed on every vehicle the individual may drive. People should also note that where there may be exceptions of specific work vehicles with permission of the court, ignition interlock sanctions also prohibit drivers from operating other vehicles. It is important to know that ignition interlock devices in Fredericksburg DUI cases are not cheap. The devices cost a few hundred dollars for the installation and an additional $50 to $100 per month to maintain it. Installation of an ignition interlock is the only way the person could legally drive after a DUI conviction. Without it, the defendant will not be able to operate a motor vehicle.

Other Alcohol Monitoring Devices Used in Fredericksburg

While individuals could do urine or blood tests depending on the wishes of their probation officer and their record for alcohol monitoring purposes, these methods are rare. The person is typically monitored through the ignition interlock device since it keeps an accurate record of the alcohol in their system and could easily be evaluated by the probation officer. This is especially true if they drive on a daily basis.

Fighting the Installation of an Ignition Interlock Device

If a person is convicted of a Fredericksburg DUI, the only way they could fight the installation of an ignition interlock device is if they are deemed ineligible for a restricted license and it is their first drunk driving charge. While they will not need to get an ignition interlock device in that limited circumstance, they also will not be able to drive. Conversely, the person cannot fight the installation of the device. They need to have it installed because it is mandated by the statute. An attorney could explain to a defendant how the statute impacts their case and if there are any legal options available.

Installing an Ignition Interlock Devices in Fredericksburg DUI Cases

Most attorneys are not going to be involved with ignition interlock devices. The only way that they may help is assisting with the pre-enrollment process prior to a person’s conviction. While lawyers could help speed the process along a bit, the ignition interlock situation is primarily between the defendant, ASAP, and the ignition interlock company. Contact a criminal defense attorney to understand the impact of ignition interlock devices in Fredericksburg DUI cases. A lawyer could review your case and explain your rights.

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